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Why The LoL Community Already Hates This Champion In The New Arena Mode

Champions 21-07-2023 13:33
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The very icy Freljord arena. Probably a nice refresher from the hot weather this summer. | © Riot Games

League of Legends' new Arena mode was anticipated highly and received extremely well. Players enjoyed a breath of fresh air and started experimenting with various picks, trying to figure out which champions are the strongest in the arena. However, one of those strong picks has caused the community a lot of pain and anguish.

Firstly, it is not Taric we are talking about. While the pretty Targonian guy annoys the community too, the nerfs he has received ahead of Arena's release have managed to keep him in line. He is still a strong pick, so we can only recommend picking him up!

Instead, the community's frustration revolves around the most intelligent of all Yordles, Heimerdinger

What Makes Heimerdinger So Difficult To Deal With?

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger
Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger. You probably see this skin all the time in Arena because the community really likes it. | © Riot Games

Heimerdinger generally is a nightmare for any champion with lower range than him. This gives him an infamous reputation on Summoner's Rift, where he frequently terrorizes assassins and bruisers on the solo lanes. In 2022, he has found a lot of popularity as a support, which made carries and melee supports cry out in agony. 

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The core issue is Heimerdinger's range, allowing him to stand safely behind his Q – H-28G Evolution Turrets while he tosses around his other spells. This becomes especially frustrating once he gets his hands on Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Rylai's slow makes it nearly impossible for immobile melee bruisers to get anywhere near him. 

Who Is Heimerdinger Strong With?

Heimerdinger makes an incredibly annoying duo with Taric, who provides him with the necessary sustain if there is a mobile or higher-ranged champion among enemy lines. Taric's E – Dazzle and R – Cosmic Radiance also provide him with some well-needed safety against assassins.

Another great companion to him is Zyra. She is another high-range mage that likes to purchase Rylai's Crystal Scepter and makes life equally difficult for immobile melee champions. Just like her inventor friend, she prefers her enemies to stay away from her and to barrage them with little helpers – in her case: an endless garden of aggressive plants.

Which Champions Are Strong Against Heimerdinger?

Syndra Spirit Blossom Splash
Syndra enjoys using Heimerdinger's turrets against him. | © Riot Games

One of the most effective champions against Heimerdinger is Ahri. Her move speed spikes and her high range allow her to safely clear his turrets while dodging his E – CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade. Once his turrets are no longer able to protect him, she can engage him with a combo of her R – Spirit Rush and her E – Charme, allowing her and her teammate to assassinate the poor inventor quickly.

Another champion doing well into Heimerdinger is Syndra. His turrets are no real threat to her – instead, she will simply use them against him with her W – Force of Will

We hope that these two champions will help you on your journey in the Arena. If you prefer to play other champions, we hope you utilize your bans well.

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