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Zeri Yuumi, anyone?

LoL: The Best Duos For The New Arena Game Mode

Champions 18-07-2023 12:55
Arena game mode
The Arena Game Mode is set to release on patch 13.14, accompanying the Soul Fighter event. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is finally getting a new game mode again! The Arena mode is set to release later this week, along the Soul Fighter skins and Naafiri. While we already know how the gamemode is going to work, it is now time to look at the perfect champion combos to unleash!

It is time for the Soul Fighter event! This is the first event in many years that sees the introduction of a new game mode, and the Arena mode has been highly anticipated for a good while. Bot lane players should be able to adapt to this mode the quickest, considering they always play with a partner on Summoner's Rift anyway. However, while traditional bot lane combos are present here, we do have a few competitors.

Before you ask: yes, there will be an event pass, and you can earn event XP by playing Arena.

LoL Arena Mode: Our Recommended Champion Combos

Soul Fighter Samira
Soul Fighter Samira is set to release along the Arena mode. | © Riot Games

Samira + Rell

Rell has been terrorizing Summoner's Rift ever since her mid-scope update, and Samira has been one of her preferred lane partners. While Samira suffered from the loss of Immortal Shieldbow as a mythic item, she remains a strong mid-game marksman that will destroy your entire team if you let her get to style rank S. 

Rell provides Samira with the necessary setup. Her knock-ups will enable Samira to jump around even more than she already does, and the Iron Maiden's durability makes her a perfect protector for the Desert Rose. These two are looking to crush your opponent's dreams of winning an Arena round, and they do it in style.

Irelia + Sejuani

These two might not have fought in the same war, but they definitely know how to beat down their opponents together. The key ingredient that makes these two a top-tier combo is Sejuani's never-ending crowd control that gives Irelia a lot of room to breathe. 

While many other melee champions contribute to Sejuani's E – Permafrost stacks, Irelia simply does it better due to her artificially increased attack speed from her Passive – Ionian Fervor. However, she is reliant on marking her enemies with her own spells in order to get her Q – Bladesurge cooldown reset. Keep this in mind, and you will find a lot of success with your favorite hot-tempered fighters.

Taric + Lucian

Pool Party Taric
Nerfed, but still on duty. | © Riot Games

Taric is already getting nerfed in Arena before the mode even hits the live servers. Does this make him weak? Absolutely not! Taric's tools still outshine those of many others, and his early game damage is also quite impressive thanks to the bonus attack speed of his Passive – Bravado. While his damage falls off quickly, his utility will only get stronger as he grants his team partners 2.5 seconds of invulnerability with his R – Cosmic Radiance. If that does not help you win, what will?

  • Unfortunately, we can't offer a real life version of this very seductive Taric skin, but you can still play it ingame with a Riot Points Gift Card!

Lucian is an effective partner for Taric, as every single one of Taric's abilities will empower Lucian through his Passive – Lightslinger. Despite being a marksman, Lucian also has very high damage early in the game thanks to his spells and double attacks after each spell. While Lucian may not scale as well on Summoner's Rift as other marksmen, his combo should still do the trick when there is only two instead of five enemy champions to take care of. 

Diana + Yasuo

This duo is rather infamous among solo queue players, and for good reasons. Diana and Yasuo will not do a particular lot before they hit level six. But once they both have access to their ultimates, you should probably pray to Nagakabouros because whichever god you are praying to will no longer be able to help you.

Diana's R – Moonfall is an AoE knock-up, which allows Yasuo to follow up with his R – Last Breath. This requires good communication as the time window for Yasuo to follow up is quite small, so make sure you have a duo partner to play Diana. While this combo does not look quite as impressive against two opponents as it does against five, they are still very lethal together and will help you come out on top in your Arena match. 

Xayah + Rakan

Xayah and Rakan
You might not realize it because Rakan is just that charming, but Xayah is also in this picture. | © Riot Games

You did not really think we would forget about the birb duo, did you?

Considering they have been one of the most popular bot lane duos for six years already, we probably do not need to explain why they are so good together. Rakan distracts the opponent or invites them to a dance, while Xayah lets a hail of feathers rain onto them. Vastayan rebellions have never looked so good, baby.

These are our favorite combos ahead of the release of League's new Arena mode. Make sure to give them a try!

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