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Goodbye OP champions!

LoL Arena: Balance Team Hints At Nerfs For OP Pick

More 02-07-2023 16:55
Taric Luminshield
LoL Arena: The balance team will be looking to make Arena champions even. | © Riot Games

LoL Arena is the brand-new game mode that is going to go live along with the Soul Fighter summer event. The game mode will not have  runes, but it will have augments to spice things up, and Riot just revealed they will also look to make some key balance changes. 

The game mode is currently being tested on the PBE and some champions are a little too strong, which is why there are already some on the short list for some nerfs, while others are going to be buffed. 

LoL Arena: Taric To Be Nerfed Ahead Of Game Mode Release

LoL Arena went onto the PBE with little to no balance adjustments from Riot. The team wanted to see which champions could be too strong and which ones are too weak so they could make changes accordingly. 

Well, one champion has come out on top in this new game mode and that is none other than Taric. The support has everything you want, damage, sustain and tankiness. What isn't to love, eh? 

Riot Reav3 noted on Reddit, that the team will be making some balance changes before the game mode hits live servers and has even stated that "Taric is for sure getting nerfed before it goes live" which means all Taric mains need to play a lot on PBE while Riot is on vacation. 

So, this will likely mean that other champions that have felt rather weak in the mode will also be getting buffed. Which is also nice to see. 

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Overall, Arena is looking to be a great new way to play League of Legends, with everyone who has tried it out having a good experience. The fact that there is a mini ranked version will also help retain players so they can continue to compete. 

Arena is set to release in LoL Patch 13.14 and should be live July 20, 2023. 

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