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These Are The Melee Champions With The Highest Range In League of Legends

Champions 03-03-2024 10:00

Usually when it comes to range, people will talk about the differences between melee and ranged champions. Today we will look at more differences. 

Aviator Irelia
Irelia does not need a plane to outrange you, but she still has one. Not fair if you think about it. | © Riot Games

The most obvious difference between ranged, and melee champions is that ranged champions often use projectiles in their basic attacks, while melee champions do not. However, even between melee champions there are significant differences, with some champions outranging others. We have listed the top performers in the range department among melee champions.

Generally, melee champions tend to have something between 125 and 175 basic attack range. A grand total of 82 champions sticks to this rule (range enhancing spells excluded). 

However, six melee champions are not a big fan of range restrictions and meet or exceed the 200 units range mark. We have conveniently listed all of them for you.

6. Irelia

Our favorite blade dancer is one of those champions that do not like sticking to the rules. This has been painfully obvious when she tore the entire League of Legends roster apart right after her rework in 2018. She was so incredibly strong that she quickly became the most hated champion in the entire game – she was banned in almost 70% of all games for weeks!

She was subsequently nerfed and had some of her mechanics removed, but one thing that remained untouched was her basic attack range. Her range is at 200 units – nothing incredibly noteworthy, but she does have a slight advantage over some of her melee peers thanks to this.

5. Viego

Lunar Beast Viego
This guy's sword is irrationally big. Are you trying to tell us something, Riot Games? | © Riot Games

Technically, Viego shares his fifth place with Irelia since both of them sit at 200 units. However, Viego was originally introduced to League of Legends in 2021 with a basic attack range of 225. While this no longer helps him in the current day and age, we will commemorate his long gone qualities by giving him a sole fifth place. Sorry, Irelia.

Viego was designed by Riot's senior champion designer August 'August' Browning. Much like some of August's other creations, Viego was quickly turned from a squishy champion into a frontliner by extremely beefy item builds. He has since seen multiple changes that managed to revert him to a squishy, agile skirmisher. While bruiser builds are not completely off the table for him, his days as a full-scale frontline tank are thankfully over.

4. Nilah

062222 08 Nilah Splash
Samira from a parallel universe | © Riot Games

Fourth place in this ranking goes to Samira's evil twin. She is quite literally is Samira's evil twin, because all of her abilities basically do the same Samira does but better. "But Riot", I hear you ask, "why did you give the same job to two different designers?" I really hate to break it to you, but they did not do that. Both Samira and Nilah were designed by Blake 'Squad5' Smith. The only difference between them is that Samira is actually ranged, at a basic attack range of 500, while Nilah is stuck at 225.

Ironically, Nilah is not even fully bound to her low range. If she hits the whip of her Q – Formless Blade on any neutral or enemy unit, she gains a range extension to 350 units. This empowerment also comes with an attack speed boost and lasts for four seconds. Completely coincidentally, the cooldown of this spell is also four seconds. We will still not give her the 350 for this ranking, as there is the small chance that a player might miss her Formless Blade whip.

3. Kled

Marauder Kled
To this day we're still not certain if Kleds hurts people more with his physical attacks or his insults. | © Riot Games

Just like Nilah, Kled is also a special case. Kled's basic attack range while mounted is 125 and therefore the lowest in the game, along more than 40 other champions. However, while dismounted, Kled gains additional range and comes in at a staggering 250. 

This obviously makes sense since Kled no longer has to reach down from Skaarl, which gains him some important distance between him and his opponent. Chances are this is distance required by his opponents in order not to get completely wrecked by this very... hot-tempered yordle.

2. Rakan

Invictus Gaming Rakan
While Invictus Gaming are not doing so well in 2023, Rakan is looking as hot as always. | © Riot Games

Rakan has an unconventional way to attack his opponents, as he is slapping them with his cape. While he does not have to hurt a particular lot as a support, his cape slap was still quite potent as he used to have the highest base AD in the entire game at 70. Unfortunately for our super entertaining Vastayan hottie, Riot Games tuned his base AD down to 62 in 2019. His cape slaps still hurt, though.

Since his cape is obviously longer than his arms, his range is quite high. He comes in at 300 units and takes second place in this equation. Interestingly enough, Rakan was originally introduced to League of Legends as a ranged champion. Due to complications with his items of choice, he was given the melee attribute at the start of preseason 2023. 

Honorable mention: Urgot

High Noon Urgot
Urgot – master at winning titles nobody wants to win. | © Riot Games

Congratulations, Urgot! You are officially the ranged champion with the lowest basic attack range. Urgot comes in at 350 range, and his mains sorely miss the synergy with bruiser items they already know from other bruisers. 

What makes this extra ridiculous is the fact that Nilah, in her empowered state, has 350 range aswell – as a melee champion. It seems like Urgot just can not have nice things.

1. Lillia

Nightbringer Lillia
We still did not manage to get the evil out of Lillia. | © Riot Games

Just like Rakan, Lillia was originally introduced as a ranged champion. During preseason 2023, she also got the same treatment as the birb boi and was subsequently reclassified as a melee champion. This saw her rise in power and popularity, as Demonic Embrace suddenly synergized much better with her than it already did.

Her basic attack range is at 325 units, making her the highest-ranged melee champion in the entire game. We do not like to admit that we almost missed her entirely, though – it is not on us, she kept running away with a fully stacked Q – Blooming Blows passive.

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