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Fnatic Pro Player Gets Sacked For Disgusting LoL Username

News 17-07-2023 13:12
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Fnatic's academy team took immediate action. | © Riot Games

There are some things that you should never do as an aspiring professional gamer, and one of these things is to have an incredibly offensive account name. Not being offensive and rude is a big challenge for many League of Legends players, but pros in particular should serve as a good example on how to behave inside and outside the game.

Now, professional League of Legends player Jona "Reptile" Fritz has been released by Fnatic TQ, after it was revealed on Reptile's stream that one of his smurf accounts was named "HITLER199". He has since taken to Twitter to explain the situation and apologize for his action.

Fnatic's Academy Team Terminate Contract With Bot Laner Reptile

According to what information about the incident is available online, Reptile was streaming League of Legends on July 16, 2023, and logged into an account where he wanted to find a Draven skin to play with. After reading the account's in-game name, he quickly closed it again, knowing he probably made a mistake.

At the time of this incident, Reptile was the starting bot laner of Fnatic TQ, which serves as the organization's academy team, currently competing in the Spanish SuperLiga. Only hours after Reptile showed the "HITLER199" username on his stream, the team released a statement on Twitter.

In the statement, they announced the immediate termination of Reptile's contract with the team.

Today's event on this stream demonstrate that he doesn't represent at all the values of both Team Queso and Fnatic [...] For this reason we have proceeded to terminate his contract. 

There have been numerous reactions to this incident on Twitter and the League of Legends Subreddit. About an hour after Fnatic TQ announced the termination of his contract, Reptile released a Tweet, apologizing and explaining his side of the story. 

According to Reptile, he shared the account with another player named Scriptless, who also put out a statement about the situation. Scriptless renamed the account about five months ago because of a meme, not realizing he could put Reptile in such a difficult situation. 

As of now, Reptile is a free agent and FNC TQ is looking to find a replacement bot laner. Reptile has said that he would take full responsibility and is asking for forgiveness for his actions. 

He announced that he would stream on July 17, 2023, and that his salary and all donations during the stream would go to charity related with genocide.

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