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VALORANT Could Have Dropped Clues On Next LoL Champion "Briar"

Champions 02-07-2023 16:20
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Could Briar look like Nazuna from Call of the Night? | © LIdenfilms

Naafiri is on the PBE server, with players testing out the new mid lane champion. All the while, Riot also released a brand-new agent in VALORANT and leading up to her release, some hints could have been laid out for fans to see regarding Briar. 

Briar is going to be a jungle vampire champion and throughout the release of Deadlock, the new VALORANT agent, some clues were hidden out in the open for everyone to find. 


Briar Clues Found In Deadlock Trailer

League of Legends content creator, BigBadBear found some interesting clues pertaining to the next League of Legends jungle champion that is currently being worked on by Riot August. 

In an early teaser for Deadlock, an image was shown or a computer screen with multiple files. One of the files was called 'Briar' which also happens to be the name of the upcoming League of Legends jungler. 

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Now that isn't where the multiverse ends. In the Deadlock cinematic we also find out that there is a 'Team Briar' which is situated in Norway. Why name the team this though? 

It's also important to note that the champion is being worked on by Riot August. His most recent champion release was none other than Zeri, who was a dual-champion, existing in both Runeterra, as well as the VALORANT universe as Neon. 

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So, could we have a similar situation, or is Riot just toying with its player base by including Briar in their VALORANT teasers to try and get more people curious about the upcoming vampire? 

Unfortunately, there isn't much else known about Briar just yet and with Riot slowing down the release of champions she might just release later this year. Thus far, we got two champions in 2023 so we expect Briar to release in September or even October. 

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