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LoL: MrBeast Is Planning On Setting Up His Own NACL Team

News 28-06-2023 16:40
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LoL: MrBeast is planning on setting up a NACL team! | © MrBeast via Twitter

The American LoL scene has been the subject of much discussion in recent weeks. Particularly affected, however, was the second tier professional area, in which mainly young and new talents train.

In order to bring a breath of fresh air into the league, there are already many influencers who have shown great interest in setting up their own NACL team. And it seems, that MrBeast also wants to have his part of the cake.

LoL: MrBeast Is Planning On Setting Up His Own NACL Team

After Riot announced, that there will be no longer the need to compete in the NACL for teams, who play in the LCS, many teams just dropped their rookie line-ups. As a result, there will be only ten NACL teams instead of 17.

Just during that time, Riot also invited the streamer and YouTuber Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, into the NACL. The team he created, is performing relatively well within the league and many fans are supporting Disguised Toast's team! 

Other content creators are catching up on this almost trend-like behavior, and are more than interested to form their own NACL teams as well! Unfortunately, the first streamer already was not given the chance to compete, being Tyler1. 

100T's coach “LS” was discussing this topic in one of his most recent videos. 

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Next to Tyler1, Charles “MoistCr1TiKaL” White Jr. and Ludwig Ahgren are voicing their interest in joining the league. Last but not least, LS is also mentioning MrBeast! 

Yes, even MrBeast want to create his own NACL team, which would be an incredible chance for him and the NA professional league in general! A pretty funny side fact, is that MrBeast considered buying the TSM LSC slot, after they decided to sell it.

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