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League's new monster champion is one of the most exciting releases league has had for a while.

Bel'Veth Champion Guide

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Bel Veth Splash Art leak
Who knew her legs would be able to be seen in game too?.

In this guide, we'll go over all the best tips and tricks to playing LoL's newest Jungler Bel'Veth. With this guide we'll go over some more advanced tips on how to play Bel'Veth so if you aren't sure what her kit is make sure to check that out here first!

We've only had Bel'Veth for a few days, but already we can tell she is going to change the currently stale jungle meta significantly. Bringing an entirely new playstyle to the Jungle the same way Kindred did, Bel'Veth is going to be one of the most exciting new champions for sure.

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How do you play Bel'Veth?

Recently new champions have absolutely dominated the meta in several roles upon release, completely warping the game around them. While having a champion in multiple roles is fun, it's incredibly tough to balance. To avoid yet another meme worthy Season 12 champion Riot has gated most of Bel'Veth's power in her passive, Death in Lavender. This ability gives Bel'Veth infinitely stacking attack speed every time she clears a jungle camp. This means that if Bel'Veth were to try and lane she would be unable to stack her passive and gain access to a huge part of her kit. So unfortunately Bel'Veth will only be a Jungler.

Bel'Veth has an incredibly interesting and unique kit. Being both complicated and simple, Bel'Veth's playstyle is going to have a unique learning curve, but will reward players that take the time to learn her and practice her rhythm. 

The cornerstone of Bel'Veth's kit is her Q Void Surge. This ability allows Bel'Veth to dash in 4 different directions each on a unique cooldown. While at first glance this ability might seem like it's just one direction is useful for chasing or escaping, and the other 3 are meaningless. In reality Bel'Veth has a hard to predict and flexible movement pattern that can be used to outplay opponents with ease.

Once you have quite a few passive stacks and some items, Bel'Veth will begin to take over the game. Turning into an absolute monster able to beat 3-4 enemies at a time by herself. This incredibly strong late game comes at a price however, in the early game Bel'Veth will be quite weak due to her lack of stacks and gold.  This means that unlike most junglers, Bel'Veth just wants to farm quietly and avoid helping her team. This change in playstyle can be tricky at first for jungler's since they're so used to helping out their team in laning phase. Bel'Veth is a much more selfish champion, being heavily punished for being too active early Bel'Veth is incentivized to simply farm her jungle peacefully and hope her team doesn't lose the game before she scales.

Bel Veth Art
You can barely see her fake legs here.

How to build Bel'Veth?

Due to her passive giving her free attack speed Bel'Veth gets the most value from an on-hit build. She's basically a melee carry like Yasuo or Master Yi except she doesn't build critical strike chance.

If possible Bel'Veth want's to build Kraken Slayer or Blade of the Ruined King first to give herself an early spike that will help her curve into late game better. However in harder matchups like Trundle or Volibear Bel'Veth will have to take Immortal Shieldbow to keep herself alive in fights. After you're mythic you want to spec into two more on-hit items. You should pick between Guinsoo's Rageblade, Blade of the Ruined King, or Wits End usually. Obviously Blade is good against tankier team compositions who are weak to % health damage. Wit's End is a really strong defensive option against magic damage threats, and should probably be built as often as possible. Guinsoo's is just an all around strong item, it gets more value the more items you have so it's really good for Bel'Veth's scaling. Once you have your mythic and a few on-hit items you want to pick up as many defensive items as possible. Such as Death's Dance, Guardian Angel, and Maw of Malmortius.

For runes Bel'Veth takes either Lethal Tempo or Conqueror for her Keystone. This is because she get's a lot of value from runes that stack because of her high attack speed and because of her E Royal Maelstrom. For the most part Lethal Tempo should be standard but Conqueror definitely has it's place as well. Her minor runes are pretty flexible, but you want things that give you sustain and durability. Things like Legend: Alacrity or Bone Plating will help Bel'Veth a lot because she doesn't really lack damage. Sudden Impact also gets a lot of value because of how much she is dashing around.

When is Bel'Veth strong or weak?

Because Bel'Veth is so reliant on scaling, she loses to champions that are active on the map early and speed up the tempo of the game. This weakness is exacerbated in the jungle because traditionally the role is meant to be helping their team out early. So matchups like Wukong, Trundle, Volibear, Jarvan IV and Nunu can be pretty difficult even though they can't kill you in a 1v1.

On the flip side, if the enemy fails to put on pressure Bel'Veth will reach a point of critical mass and become too strong to stop. This breaking point can be reached pretty quickly against Jungler's who aren't extremely high tempo like Gragas or Lillia. In these matchups Bel'Veth will outscale them so she doesn't mind matching them in farm. She can even look to invade and build a lead for herself because they can't duel her very well.

The most unique thing about Bel'Veth that makes her interesting like Kindred, is that she is a Jungler that is rewarded for split pushing after taking an objective. Bel'Veth's ult form is pretty important to how strong she is in the later stages of the game. So making sure you're constantly feeding on Void Coral to keep your ultimate form up is pretty important. Unfortunately killing champions is pretty inconsistent, but objectives aren't. Because objectives have set spawn times and are consistent, Bel'Veth can plan her game around them to maximize her ult form and the impact she has on the map. No champion in the game gets as much value from taking Rift Herald as Bel'Veth does, so planning to take both rift heralds every game should be something every Bel'Veth player tries to do.

Once Bel'Veth has claimed one of the Void neutral monsters and consumed her Void Coral. She can make use of her special split pushing capabilities. This makes for an interesting play pattern, since Bel'Veth will be able to snowball a baron or a herald into several turrets elsewhere on the map purely due to her her ult form summoning minions. Bel'Veth already has strong dueling, so giving her amazing structure damage means that when she shows up in a side lane the enemy has to respond.

One thing to note, is that jungler's for the most part don't like to side lane because they don't have access to teleport so they always have to be there for objectives. This isn't a problem for Bel'Veth though because she only wants to side lane after taking an objective, which gives her a very healthy and rewarding play pattern.

Battle Boss Bel Veth skin splash
She is MASSIVE in this splash art. | © Riot Games

All in all Bel'Veth is going to be a very interesting champion for the game. Bringing a new movement minigame and a new playstyle to Jungle, Bel'Veth will be both fun to play and to watch. Make sure to try her out in Normal games first before taking her to Ranked since she has a bit of a learning curve. But once you figure out the basics of her Q, and are accustomed to farming throughout laning phase you'll find Bel'Veth an extremely rewarding champion that fulfills the hypercarry power fantasy.

Enjoy being a man eating manta-ray!

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