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What can she do?

Bel'Veth Abilities Revealed

Champions 24-05-2022 17:21
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What can she do? | © Riot Games

Okay, so we know that Riot had accidentally leaked the abilities beforehand, but now, the official Twitter has confirmed what she is going to be capable of and we're going to check out everything we know about her abilities and how they work. 

She is going to be a jungler and her abilities look extremely strong for the jungle position. Let's quickly check out Twitter and what Riot Games has revealed about the new Void champion Bel'Veth.


Bel'Veth Abilities Revealed

The leakers have been pretty spot-on when it comes to predicting what Bel'Veth and her kit are going to be like. She will have multiple dashes, some CC and much more in her kit.

Abilty NameAbility
Passive - Death in Lavender
  • After ability use, Bel'Veth's next 2 attacks have increased attack speed. Take down a large monster or Champ & gain permanent attack speed as Lavender stacks. Bonus is uncapped, but her attacks & on-hit effects deal decreased damage & does not gain attack speed on level up.
Q- Void Surge
  • Bel'Veth dashes in one of four directions, dealing damage to all enemies she passes through and applying on-hit effects. Each direction has its own unique cooldown that scales with attack speed.
W - Above and Below
  • Bel’Veth slams her tail down, dealing damage, knocking up, and slowing enemies hit. Upon hitting an enemy champion, this ability reduces Q - Void Surge’s dash cooldown in the direction of the champion hit.
E - Royal Maelstrom
  • Bel’Veth channels a storm of slashes around her, gaining damage reduction & increased life steal. Each slash strikes the lowest health enemy within her Maelstrom, dealing more damage the more health they are missing. The amount of slashes scales with her attack speed.

R - Endless Banquetq

  • Passive: Every 2nd attack against the same target deals increased True Damage, stacking infinitely. Takedowns against Epic Monsters & Champs leaves behind Void Coral (VC). Epic Monsters from the Void like Rift Herald and Baron Nashor drop special, voidier VC.
  • Active: Consume VC & explode, slowing & dealing True Damage. Afterwards, Bel’Veth temporarily changes into her True Form. Consuming VC left by Epic Void Monsters grants her True Form for longer & causes minions that die nearby to be reborn as Voidlings.
  • True Form: When Bel’Veth unleashes her True Form, she gains increased max health, out-of-combat move speed, attack range, and total attack speed. While in her True Form, she also gains the ability to dash through walls with Q - Void Surge.

From what we can tell, you'll want to build a lot of attack speed on her. not only to have the most epic 'Muda Muda Muda' animations possible, but also just to be as strong as she can possibly be. 

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Bel'Veth Release Date

Of course, when talking about Bel'Veth we now have to confirm when she is going to be released as well, right? Well, she is going to hit the rift in League of Legends Patch 12.11. You can go onto the PBE to test her out already though if you're curious how strong she truly will be.

Now that the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational is coming to an end, it's about time we focus on our solo queue games once more. With a big durability update hitting in Patch 12.10, as well as Bel'Veth getting released, there is so much exciting stuff coming to League of Legends in the next month or so! 

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