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The Best Counterpicks For Maokai Support

Guides 12-05-2024 10:44

With Maokai being the best support since the beginning of season 14, it's highly time we show you the best 3 counterpicks.

Maokai Meowkai
The best counterpicks against Maokai support. | © Riot Games

To lane against Maokai support is straight up pain. He got tons of CC, a point and click root and on top of that synergizes excellent with the new support tank item Trailblazer. Therefore, he perma sits on a 53-55% win rate despite some nerfs. 

Until Riot finally manages to properly nerf him, you can use the following counterpicks for Maokai support.

Top 3 Best Counterpicks For Maokai Support

With the following Top 3, we tried to cover a wider variety of support champions, so we don't end up with a roster of three enchanters for example.

3. Heimerdinger

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger
You want to engage? Oh, have fun with this little yordle. | © Riot Games

Heimerdinger is a nightmare for engage supps. He might be a niche pick, but against Maokai, he truly shines. By placing his turrets close to you, Maokai won't have any fun if he decides to engage on you or your ADC. 

Especially if he uses his W on Heimerdinger, Heimer gets an easy time landing his stun with his E. On top of that, Maokai gets hit by every single turret, probably not making it out alive.

2. Morgana

Coven Morgana
Point and click root? Point and click CC immunity! | © Riot Games

The probably most simple counter for Maokai is Morgana and her iconic Black Shield [E]. This spell grants you CC immunity, but also a magic shield. That's how Maokai's W becomes useless real quick, without much effort. Not only that, but even his Q won't CC you, because his W won't deal enough damage to break your shield with a single spell. 

However, Morgana still got some issues and therefore is not our number 1 for this list.

1. Rakan

Dragonmancer Rakan Prestige
Blitzcrank, but different. | © Riot Games

Last but not least, we got Rakan as a creative counterpick for Maokai. It may take some practice, but if you manage to react fast enough when Maokai engages on you with his W, you can E to your ally and then W immediately afterward, pulling him far, far away from his turret, and in the best case, under your turret. 

To take it up a notch, you could also use E first, into W and then Flash at the end to pull him even further somewhere you please to. 

That's it! These are our Top 3 counterpicks for Maokai support. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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