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LoL Patch 14.4: Why You Should Ban Renekton In Every Game After His Buffs

News 26-02-2024 18:24

Renekton has always been a thorn in the eyes of every top laner. He is in almost every professional game, but he was severely lacking in solo queue. Riot has kept buffing him a little bit over the last season, but now they really went all out with the changes.

Renekton no Skin
Renekton was a staple pick in pro play. | © Riot Games

Renekton has always been a strong top laner. He has it all, sustain, crowd control, multiple dashes and a strong ult to top it all off. He is amazing for dives and can brute force his way through any early lane. Well that used to be the case. Currently, there are quite a few champions that can match or even beat him in laning power such as Aatrox, Illaoi or K'Sante. These champions do very well into Renekton but even beat him in the long run.

This is where Renekton always struggled. While he is a great bruiser for the early lane and mid-game he drastically falls off in the late game and is nothing more than a frontline with a medium-sized health bar.

LoL: Patch 14.4 Renekton Is Getting Stronger

Project Renekton
This skin is insane. | © Riot Games

After getting continuously buffed for almost the whole season Riot has finally had enough of Renekton being weak in solo queue.

With Patch 14.4 they gave him a lot of love. First his Q now heals him more from hitting champions which is a huge sustain buff in lane. 

His W doesnt destroy shields of monsters any more which makes him a bit weaker versus grubs, but that really is negligible.

They lowered his dash cooldown by 10 seconds in the late game which is a big buff since he already likes to buy ability haste.

The biggest change however is that he gets 50/100/150 bonus health from how ult now. This changes the entire dynamic of his level 6 power spike. He gets a lot of health for free which makes diving and engaging as well as team fights a lot scarier for the enemy team.

Riot was apparently bored with the Aatrox, K'Sante snoozefest that was competitive top lane so they threw the crocodile back into the ring.

The buffs have already been very helpful to Renekton players in solo queue, but we are going to have to wait and see how they will impact his competitive attractiveness. Combined with the recent Black Cleaver changes I can see him coming back in the K'Sante match up.

What do you think about Renekton top lane?

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