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Best TFT Meta Comps For Patch 13.23

Guides 30-11-2023 13:12

TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble rolled out and here are our three best comps for this patch!

TFT Remix Rumble Header
What are the best compositions for TFT patch 12.23? | © Riot Games

The new set has just been released, and we've compiled some of the best compositions to help you climb.

Since reaching level 9 is easier in this set, we will focus on level 9 compositions that can be achieved with a maximum of 2 reroll champions and 2 legendary units.

Top 3 Best TFT Meta Compositions for Patch 13.23: Mordekaiser Carry

Morde Carry
Mordekaiser is the primary carry | © Riot Games / MetaTFT

Mordekaiser Carry may be a bit underrated, but it's a strong choice. Position Mordekaiser as your Sentinel Headliner. He's somewhat reminiscent of Neeko from the previous set, capable of tanking and healing significantly.

Karthus serves as the reliable backline support, easily scaling up his Archangel Staff due to the solid frontline provided by Morde 3, 4 Sentinels, and 2 Guardians. Thanks to Superfans already granting a Crown for Mordekaiser, you don't need to build one.

This composition has an average placement of 1.99 in 613 games, making it our third-best choice.

Top 2 Best TFT Meta Composition for Patch 13.23: Jazz Reroll

This composition is extremely popular | © Riot Games / MetaTFT

The Jazz Reroll composition is already quite well-known. Bard and Miss Fortune can carry the team exceptionally well. The goal is to have one of them as your Headliner with the Jazz effect. 

This team composition aims to incorporate as many different traits as possible to maximize the benefits of the Jazz trait. Additionally, this composition offers a good mix of damage, with Miss Fortune dealing physical damage and Bard dealing magic damage.

This composition averages a placement of 1.97 in 17714 games, making it by far the most popular choice.

Best TFT Meta Composition for Patch 13.23: Crowddiver Reroll

Crowd Diver Roll
Katarina is an incredible 2-cost carry | © Riot Games / MetaTFT

Katarina is a powerhouse as a carry, capable of dominating the entire enemy board. With Yone by her side, she has a reliable partner who assists in securing victories.

Katarina will receive a Hand of Justice through Superfans. Always aim for the Crowd Diver Headliner.

This composition has an average placement of 1.88 in 728 games, making it the best easy-to-achieve composition for this patch.

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