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Best TFT Meta Comps For Patch 13.24b

Guides 21-12-2023 12:34

TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble Patch 13.24b rolled out and here are our three best comps for this patch!

TFT Remix Rumble Header
What are the best compositions for TFT Patch 13.24b? | © Riot Games

The new set has just been released, and we've compiled some of the best compositions to help you climb.

Since level 9 comps are harder to hit, we will only look at level 8 comps. 

Top 3 Best TFT Meta Compositions for Patch 13.24b: EDM Roll

EDM Roll
Top 3: EDM Roll |©Riot Games / MetaTFT


  • 5 EDM
  • 4 Mosher
  • 2 Bruiser
  • 2 Dazzler
  • 1 Hyperpop


Jax (EDM) or Lux (EDM)


Jax and Lux are your primary carries. Your special focus is on Jax, as you will hit him earlier and there are extra Moshers built in. 

You want to roll at level 6 to hit Jax three star and then roll at level 8 for Lux three star. 

Average Place:

This composition has an average placement of 2.86, making it our third-best choice.

Top 2 Best TFT Meta Composition for Patch 13.24b: Urgot / Senna Roll

Senna Urgot Roll
Top 2: Urgot / Senna Roll |©Riot Games / MetaTFT


  • 4 Mosher
  • 4 Executioner
  • 3 Country
  • 3 Pentakill
  • 2 Guardian
  • 2 Emo


Senna (Executioner)


Your carries are Senna and Urgot. They are both empowering Country through their star level and are equally important. 

You'll want to roll at level 7 or at level 8 for Senna and Urgot. 

Average Place:

This composition averages a placement of 2.75.

Best TFT Meta Composition for Patch 13.24b: Executioner / Guardian Roll

Executioner Guardian Roll
Top 1: Executioner / Guardian Roll |©Riot Games / MetaTFT


  • 4 Guardian
  • 4 Executioner
  • 3 K/DA
  • 2 Emo
  • 2 Punk
  • 1 Breakout


Twitch (Executioner) or Vex (Executioner)


Your main carry will either be Twitch, who just got buffed or Vex, depending on the items you get. 

Amumu is your main tank unit, as he can absorb absurd amounts of damage. 

You want to roll at level 7 to hit your main units. Ahri will come in at 8. 

Average Place:

This comp averages a place of 2.59, making it our best comp for Patch 13.24b. 

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