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Supps can't carry? Think again!

The 3 Best Supports To Solo Carry Games

Guides 01-06-2024 12:27

You can also carry as a support! I'll show you the 3 best supps to solo carry your games.

Eternal Dragon Brand Skin HD
The 3 best supports to solo carry games. | © Riot Games

A bunch of players think being a support in League of Legends is kinda meh. And yeah, it's true that you might not feel as epic as a jungler or mid laner. And when your ADC decides to go a bit wild and runs it down, you're often left thinking, "Well, what now?

However, there are some champs that make solo carrying games a bit easier. Check out the three best ones below!

Top 3 Supports To Solo Carry Games

Please keep in mind that the following Top 3 is subjectively and made based on personal experience.

3. Brand – The Burning Vengeance

Arclight brand
Burn the whole world down, and then the bot lane. | © Riot Games

Brand proves to be an amazing mage support in League of Legends. When you nail those skill shots, he becomes the powerhouse of an AP support in the bot lane.

His damage output is through the roof, especially once he grabs his initial items, typically starting with Liandry's followed by Rylai's. With this combo, you not only keep your enemies constantly slowed, making it a breeze to stick to them, but you also deal massive max HP damage, roasting anyone who dares to cross your path.

2. Senna – The Redeemer

Eclipse Senna
The hardest scaling support by far. | © Riot Games

Let's not forget about Senna! Her stacking mechanic with her passive, gathering Mist as the game goes on, turns her into the ultimate scaling support and ADC. Sure, her early game might not be the flashiest, but once mid to late game rolls around, she's an absolute powerhouse. Survive the laning phase, and you'll be practically unstoppable.

But here's the thing – Senna is extremely fragile. To unlock her full potential, you've got to master the art of kiting and know exactly when to land those auto attacks. Warning: her auto-attack cast time is probably the longest in the game, so get comfy with it. Once you've got that down, you'll be spreading out some serious damage!

1. Pyke – The Bloodharbor Ripper

Ashen Pyke Final
Who could be better than the Bloodharbor Ripper. | © Riot Games

And finally, let's talk about the star of the show: Pyke takes the crown as my number one pick! This dude is practically built to carry games from the support role. He is an incredibly nimble assassin with a unique Ultimate that resets every time you execute someone with it.

But wait, there's more! Pyke's R doesn't just end lives – it hands out a gold advantage to your team. When he pulls off the execution, he shares the gold with the teammate who contributed the most to the takedown. So, not only can Pyke single-handedly carry a game, but he's also spreading the wealth, literally giving your teammates a boost in gold.

If you're looking for someone to carry your team in style, Pyke's the one to pick! Otherwise, Senna and Brand are of couse incredible picks, too.

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