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LoL: Cryptbloom Or Voidstaff – Which Item Is Better?

News 21-02-2024 17:20

Cryptbloom is the new magic penetration item released in Season 14. Can it hold a candle to the all-time classic Voidstaff?

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No more mythic Items in Season 14! | © Riot Games

Cryptbloom was released with the Season 14 item overhaul. The item has great stats and a passive effect that we have never seen before.

Cryptbloom gives the buyer 70 Ability power, 15 Ability Haste and 30% magic penetration. Stat wise this is already pretty good and the build path is also very economy friendly. It requires a Fiendish Codex, a Blighting Jewel and 850 Gold to be completed.

The most important thing about Cryptbloom is its unique passive effect “Life from Death”. Whenever you score a takedown against an enemy champion while you are alive you summon a healing nova that radiates from the location of the takedown over 1.75 seconds. This aura heals you and your allies for 50 +50% AP health points and has a 60-second cooldown.

LoL: Which Is Better? Voidstaff Or Cryptbloom?

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Soraka Ult on an Item?! What if you buy it on Soraka... | © Riot Games

On paper Voidstaff might look a little bit better. It gives 80 AP and 40% magic penetration. Since you only buy those items when you are playing versus heavy magic reduction, Voidstaff looks like the better option mathematically. And that is true, if you are playing versus multiple tanks.

But if you are only playing against one single tank then Cryptbloom might be the better choice simply because of the utility it can provide. In most cases the 15 Ability Haste is already out-valuing the 10%. 

Cryptbloom is also more gold efficient. With a cost of 2850 gold it is 124% gold efficient while void staff costs 3000 gold and is only 115% gold efficient. This means you are spiking a whole wave earlier which can be detrimental in close games. 

In team fights you can treat Cryptbloom as a small Soraka Ultimate. At full build it heals for around 450-500 which is absolutely insane. 

It's pretty obvious that Cryptbloom beats out Voidstaff. Sure in the specific scenario where you play against 4 tanks and your team is full AP, Voidstaff will be better but in an ordinary normal game pretty much nothing beats Cryptbloom.

Most Players still don't buy Cryptbloom because it's rather new. Do you?

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