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How to Check How Much Time You've Spent Playing LoL

Odyssey Malphite
How much time have you spend as a Malphite main? | © Riot Games

Sometimes you get sucked into the world of League of Legends for hours on end, right? You enter a trance and forget that it's been a total of five, six or even seven hours, right? Especially when you're in a rut and want to end your night on a win, you'll continue to play even if it might not be healthy. 

So, if you're like us and sometimes play without noticing how much time has passed, we've got the tool for you to become self-aware. It's important to keep oneself in check, right? So, it's time to find out just how much time you've spent playing League of Legends this season. 


How to Check Time Spent Playing League of Legends

There is no official League of Legends tool from Riot that checks these stats, but there are third party sites where you can simply put in your account and then you'll be informed of everything you'll want to know. One of those websites is Wasted on LoL – or – with which you can see just how much time you've spent on League of Legends. 

Not only do you find out how much time you have spent, it also gives you a detailed rundown of the time in minutes, hours and days. Not only that, but you also get to find out just how many books you could have read in that time, or how many kilometres you could have walked as well. 

Seriously, if that doesn't make you self-aware, then I don't know what else does. Seriously, I didn't need to know how many movies I could have watched in that time. 

These Steps Let You See How Much Time 

It's pretty easy to figure out how to see the time you've spent on League of Legends. Just follow the steps below and you'll be good to go. 

  1. Check the website
  2. Put in your username
  3. Change the region to the correct one
  4. Click Enter to see how much time you've spent

Once you've done that, you'll be bombarded with the aforementioned information regarding your League of Legends account. How many hours have you spent already on League this season? If we take a look at Faker's account 'Hide on bush' we can see that he could have read 59 books, as well as walked 1,422 kilometres.