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With MSI 2022 at an end, we look forward to the summer splits. Lets take a look at the LPL

LPL 2022 Summer Split | When, Where & Who?

RNG look to defend their LPL Spring Title | © LPL

RNG make history and become the first 3 time MSI champion, taking down South Korea's T1 in the final. After a short break, they look forward to the LPL summer split.  With a chance to qualify for Worlds 2022, the summer split is arguably the more important one. And here, RNG look for their 1st Worlds title. 

Let's check out where the games will be played and who will participate in the summer split.

Where Will The LPL 2022 Summer Split Take Place?

Contrary to the other regions, some teams in the LPL have a home venue where they play their games. LDG Gaming will be playing their games at the LGD Allied Esports Stadium Hangzhou Esports Town Stadium. Victory Fives home venue is the Shenzhen Media Group Longgang Production Center. LNG Esports home games will be held at the Yangcheng International Esports Center. Finally, we have Team WE, whose home venue is the Xi'an Qujiang E-sports Center. Teams that don't have a home venue, play their games at the Hongqiao World IE Hub. 

Which Teams Will Be Competing At The LPL 2022 Summer Split?

All the teams from the spring split will be making a return to the summer split.



1JD Gaming5 - 0
2Victory Five4 - 0
3Top Esports4 - 1
4LNG Esports3 - 1
Edward Gaming3 - 1
6Weibo Gaming3 - 2
7Royal neverGive Up2 - 1
8Ultra Prime2 - 2
Anyone's Legend2 - 2


Thunder Talk Gaming1 - 2
LGD Gaming1 - 2
12Rare Atom1 - 3
Oh My God1 - 3
Invictus Gaming1 - 3
BiliBili Gaming1 - 3

Team WE

0 - 3
17FunPlus Phoenix0 - 5

When Will The LPL 2022 Summer Split Start?

The LPL Summer Split 2022 will kick off on the 10th of June with iG going against WBG. Usually, the LPL games start on a Monday, so this is a bit earlier than expected, I guess a welcome surprise for all LPL fans. The weekend is packed with 2 games on every day, with the action continuing on the Monday. The LPL also released the schedule for the first 5 weeks, which you can find here

The LPL will play a single round-robin, with all matches being a best of 3. At the end, the top 10 teams will make the playoffs. The regular season will run 11 weeks, with the playoffs being played afterwards. 

LPL Summer Split Scores

Friday, June 10 


Invictus Gamimg

1Weibo Gaming2
FunPlus Phoenix


Edward Gaming


Saturday, June 11

Anyone's Legend2Rare Atom


Top Esports1JD Gaming2

Sunday, June 12

Ultra Prime


Oh My God0
LNG Esports2BiliBili Gamimg


Monday, June 13

FunPlus Phoenix0Invictus Gaming2
Weibo Gaming0Edward Gaming2

Tuesday, June 14

LGD Gaming1JD Gaming2
Top Esports2Team WE0

Wednesday, June 15

LNG Esports2Anyone's Legend0
Thunder Talk Gaming0Victory Five 


Thursday, June 16



Rare Atom2Oh My God1
Ultra Prime


BiliBili Gamimg 2

Friday, June 17

JD Gaming2Edward Gaming


Royal Never Give Up2FunPlus Phoenix


Saturday, June 18


Victory Five

2LGD Gaming0
Top Esports2Invictus Gaming0
Weibo Gaming 2Team WE1

Sunday, June 19

Anyone's Legend2BiliBili Gaming0
LNG ESports2Thunder Talk Gaming1

Monday, June 20

Oh My God1JD Gaming2

Ultra Prime

2Rare Atom1

Tuesday, June 21

Team ScoreTeamScore

Victory Five

2FunPlus Phoenix0
Royal Never Give Up2Weibo Gaming1

Wednesday, June 22

Team ScoreTeamAnyone's LegendScore
Invictus Gaming2Edward Gaming1
Top Esports2BiliBili Gaming0

Thursday, June 23

LGD Gaming2Anyone's Legend0
Thunder Talk Gaming2Team WE0

Friday, June 24

Oh My God2LNG Esports1
JD Gaming2Ultra Prime1

Saturday, June 25

WeiboGaming2Rare Atom1
Top Esports2FunPlus Phoenix1
Victory Five2Royal Never Give Up1

Sunday, June 26

Invictus Gaming1Anyone's Legend2
Edward Gaming2BiliBili Gaming1

Monady, June 27

TeamScore TeamScore
Oh My God2LGD Gaming0
JD Gaming2Thunder Talk Gaming0

Tuesday, June 28

TeamScore TeamScore
Team WE0Victory Five2
JD GamingThunder Talk Gaming

Wednesday, June 29

TeamScore TeamScore
Rare AtomFunPlus Phoenix
Weibo GamingUltra Prime

Where Can I Watch The LCK 2022 Summer Split?

All games will be streamed on the official LPL Twitch channel. If you miss a game, you'll be able to rewatch the Vods on their YouTube channel. The first game starts at 10 am CET (4 am ET), with the second game following at approximately 12 am CET (6 am ET). 

And that's all we know about the LPL summer split. Once we have the official start date, we will update this article, to keep you up to date. Can't wait to see how the durability update changes the meta in China and if Bel'Veth will be available.