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Finally a new event!

Everything We Know About the Star Guardian Event

Star Guardian Starfall
Soon this event will take over the client. | © Riot Games

The next big League of Legends event is likely going to be the Star Guardian event. Sure, we're still waiting for the Void to make their move in canon, but it seems like we will have to enter this alternative universe of magical girls (and boys) before. 

In the next League of Legends patch, Riot is going to be releasing the next instalment of the Star Guardian universe. Which champions will get new skins and who is going to be a part of the event, though? Let's check out everything we know about the Star Guardians and the events. 


Upcoming Star Guardian Skins

Let's check out the first and most important thing. The new Star Guardian skins. Some of the concepts have already been leaked, so we can say for sure that champions like Akali and Kai'Sa will be receiving new skins. But there are quite a few other champions who will be part of this crazy magical girl world. 

Star Guardian Skins in Patch 12.13

Riot has recently revealed the champion skins for 5 champions in League of Legends Patch 12.13. These are the skins that will be released on July 13, 2022 as the first batch of champions for the Star Guardian event. 

ChampionSkin TypeCost
Star Guardian EkkoEpic1350 RP
Star Guardian Ekko PrestigeMythic125 ME
Star Guardian Kai'SaLegendary1820 RP
Star Guardian SonaEpic1350 RP
Star Guardian NilahEpic1350 RP
Star Nemesis FiddlesticksEpic1350 RP

Star Guardian Skins in Patch 12.14

Those aren't the only skins we will be getting in 2022 for this event, though. Riot will split up the amount of skins they're releasing over two patches, much like they did with the High Noon skins. These are the confirmed champions and skins for the second part of the Star Guardian event thanks to emotes and icons on the PBE server. 

ChampionSkin TypeCost
Star Guardian QuinnEpic1350 RP
Star Guardian RellEpic1350 RP
Star Guardian TaliyahEpic 1350 RP
Star Guardian AkaliLegendary1820 RP
Star Nemesis MorganaEpic1350 RP

When is the Star Guardian Event? 

The Star Guardian event is likely going to kick off in League of Legends Patch 12.13 and 12.14. With so many skins, Riot will likely spread them out over the course of two patches. Riot has just revealed the trailer for the 2022 Star Guardian event that is going to kick off on July 14, 2022. 

The Star Guardian event will likely take place for an entire month, much like the High Noon Event, which was simultaneously also part of the MSI 2022 event. Though, we do hope that this event is going to be a tad more interactive than simply doing missions by playing games. 

In the trailer we see multiple locations and events from the previous Star Guardian events which could mean that older Star Guardians will also play a role in this skin-themed event. Hopefully we get to find out more about the corrupted Star Guardians as well! 

Previous Star Guardian Events

In 2017, Riot dedicated a whole unique gameplay mode to their Star Guardian event. Though, we doubt that this event is going to be making a comeback in 2022. During the Star Guardians Event: Invasion, players worked together against the AI. 

While players remember this game mode fondly, Riot has stated that these novel game modes did not hold up in the long run and therefore, they do not bring them back, since players would play them only for a short amount of time and then switch to Summoner's Rift once more. That's why other game modes like the one for the Odyssey also hasn't made a return to the League of Legends client. 

What Are the Star Guardians Event Missions? 

Riot has not revealed the event missions for the 2022 Star Guardian Event just yet, but once we know the missions and how you'll be able to earn your event prestige, we will surely let you know. Of course, you'll have to buy the event pass to earn enough Mythic Essence to get your prestige Star Guardian skin. 

Are you excited for this event and the lore behind it, or would you rather have the canon Void lore be explored further? Riot has stated that they will hold off on huge events like the Sentintels event of 2021, but a canon lore continuation is in the works, so hopefully we find out how Nilah will fit into the story of Bel'Veth.