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Arcane Confirmed To End With Upcoming Season: Fans Devastated

News 12-06-2024 16:50

In a recent vlog by Riot Games, it was revealed that Arcane is going to finish after the second season, but that this is only the beginning and that more stories of Runeterra will be told. 

Arcane Season 2 End
Arcane Season 2 is going to end the series. | © Riot Games / Fortiche

Recently, a teaser for the second Season of Arcane was revealed. In it, we got glimpses of some of the upcoming characters and story, though, of course, this is still a teaser, and we don't even know if what we see is just taken out of context to confuse the viewers. 

One thing that isn't being kept a secret, though, is that Arcane's second season will also be the show's last. That much has been confirmed by co-creator Christian Linke who had more to reveal about upcoming Fortiche and Riot Games collaborations. 

Arcane Will End With Season 2: More Projects Planned

Arcane is coming to an end. For anyone who wanted more Jinx, Vi and Caitlyn, they'll be disappointed to learn that the second season will be the series final one. Arcane was a huge success, especially for viewers who have never played League of Legends or known anything about the world it plays in. 

Ambessa Medarda Season 2
Is this what Ambessa will look like on Summoner's Rift? | © Riot Games / Fortiche

So, while we say goodbye to Zaun and Piltover, there are more projects planned, something Linke made abundantly clear in the recent Riot Games vlog. He explained that "Arcane is just the beginning of [Riot's] larger storytelling journey". 

He also added that the team behind Arcane had a specific ending in mind and that with the second season they'll have accomplished all that. This news has greatly disappointed Arcane fans who hoped to see more of their favorite characters. 

The good thing? Riot has created a vast universe in Runeterra and there are many more stories that can be told. According to Linke, those stories will also be told through movies and more television series

More "Arcane-Style" Stories To Be Told

While Linke did not give any hints regarding the region fans will be taken to in upcoming projects, there are some theories going around about the upcoming story connecting to Arcane through Ambessa Medarda and the Noxian army which can be clearly seen in the teaser for Arcane 2. 

Leona and Diana
Who wouldn't want Romeo and Juliet from Targon as a show? | © Riot Games

Could this be a smooth lead into the Ionian invasion and a story about Noxus as a continuation of Arcane? The pieces are there and so are multiple theories, with many believing that LeBlanc, the leader of the Black Rose, already played a role in Arcane behind-the-scenes. Of course, nothing is confirmed yet, though. 

Some fans are hoping that Riot take a completely different route and create a wonderful show playing in Targon, expanding on the lore between the Lunari and Solari, which could be a very interesting story to tell as well.

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And if we're looking into potential films, then a movie about the Darkin Wars could be epic. Just imagine the Darkin drawn in a Fortiche style? Absolutely breathtaking. Of course, though, these are just theories and sepculation. 

Riot To Reveal More Later

While Linke gave little to no information on the upcoming shows outside Arcane, he did explain that Riot will give an update by the end of the year regarding their next film and television project. So, fans of Runeterran lore will have to be a bit more patient until they get exact details. 

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