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How do I know what my odds are?

How to Check Drop Rates in League of Legends

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Masterwork Chest
How do I check the drop rate? | © Riot Games

There are multiple ways to spend money in League of Legends. Yes, it is a free game and you can survive without spending a single dime, but if you want to win in the style game you'll have to leave a few bucks behind. 

So today we're going to be looking at one specific way of spending money in League of Legends and what your odds are of actually getting something decent out of it all. 


What Are Masterwork and Hextech Chests? 

First of all, let's start off by explaining what the difference between these two types of chests is. They look almost identical and in the store, there isn't much of a price difference when choosing to buy one. 

Well, Masterwork Chests will only include cosmetic items. So if you only want to get skins, then this is the chest you'll want to pick up. Hextech chests will also include things like champion shards. 

How to Check the Drop Rates of Hextech and Masterwork Chests

So, now on to the good part. How do you even see the drop rates of specific items before choosing whether to purchase a chest at all? Is there a way to do that? Why, yes, yes there is. You'll be able to see your odds before making any purchase and we're about to explain how: 

  1. Log into your League of Legends Account
  2. Click on the ‘Store’ icon in the top right corner
  3. Click onto ‘Loot’ once you’re in the store
  4. Click on an item of your choice and a window pops up
  5. In the window click ‘View Drop Rates’ (Indicated in Blue)

Not only can you do this with Hextech and Masterwork chests, but this can also be done when buying bundles as well which have orbs in them. You'll be able to see the drop rates for skins, shards and more! 

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This is how you find out your odds! | © Riot Games

What Are the Drop Rates?

You don't even need to check anymore because we've done all the work for you – you're welcome. So, just scroll down and check out what the odds are for you to finally get that Dawnbringer Yone skin you've been so desperate for! 

Hextech Chest Drop Rates:

  • Skin shard or Ultimate skin permanent: 50%
  • Champion shard: 25%
  • Ward skin shard: 11.5%
  • Emote: 10%
  • Summoner icon: 35%

Hextech Chest Chance to Contain:

  • Hextech Chest + Key: 10%
  • Gemstone: 2.68%
  • Loot exclusive: 0.04%

Masterwork Chest Drop Rates:

  • Skin shard or Ultimate skin permanent: 70%
  • Emote: 10%
  • Orange Essence: 10%
  • Ward skin shard: 10%

Masterwork Chest Chance to Contain:

  • Masterwork Chest + Key: 10%
  • Gemstone: 2.68%
  • Loot Exclusive: 0.04%

Of course, as mentioned earlier, you can also check the drop rates for rare items in bundles as well. So if you're curious about the Winterblessed event and the Winterblessed orbs, then you can check those drop rates out in the store as well. 

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