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Riot are now offering to help players that didn't use spend tokens in time!

Riot Games Star Guardian Event Leaves Fans Disappointed Once Again

News 26-08-2022 10:07
Star Guardian Sona
Were you disappointed by the Star Guardian event? | © Riot Games

Riot Games disappoints fans once again by expiring the Star Guardian event tokens too early.

Okay, we all know by now that Riot's Star Guardian event didn’t exactly go as planned. The recent Star Guardian event is one of the biggest events League of Legends has ever had. Not only did they release a bunch of new skins, but it also included a music video, a whole main story, Guardian stories, a separate event page on the LoL client, and more rewards than ever. 

Even though the event was supposed to be the next big thing, Riot had a lot of issues with it, and the latest issue leaves fans very disappointed, as many are left with hours wasted when their event tokens expired before schedule. Riot Games has, however, later come out with an explanation and a sollution for players that didn’t spend their tokens in time.

The first Star Guardian event issue was brought up by Riot Brightmoon on his Twitter page, explaining that the reward system was taking longer than anticipated because of all the players attending the event.

Later, many fans complained that the Star Guardian missions were not loading, and they could no longer earn rewards associated with the different milestones. Instead of trying to fix the issue while keeping the event up, Riot completely removed the mission and the Star Guardian page. Even though the event later came back, players were still experiencing different issues preventing them from gaining rewards from their completed missions.

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This, of course, left many players disappointed as they had invested money and time into the different event missions, and many demanded compensation for what they lost.

Riot Games later acknowledged the issues and tried to compensate by creating a smaller Star Guardian event after the main one was over. In this mini-event, players could play one game daily, earning rewards from the main event. 

You could consider this to be fair compensation, right? Well, it would have been if players didn’t experience that they could no longer redeem the event tokens that they had earned. Many players lost everything from hundreds to thousands of event tokens, which can be used on skins, champions, star guardian orbs, etc. 

This became a big discussion on Reddit, where many people talked about how many tokens they had lost because they thought they would be able to redeem them for a longer period of time.

On August 25, Riot Games Support recognized that people were unhappy and came out with an explanation. Their explanation was that the tokens were disabled to prepare for the Steel Valkyries launch.

They are also offering a solution to players that wanted to spend their tokens on rewards but didn't have time. Basically, if you have unspent tokens that you wanted to use on the Star Guardian event rewards, you can submit a ticket to Riot by September 7, 11:59 PM PT and they will help unlock your rewards.

Fans have also complained about the difficulty in finding crucial information like the expiration date of the event tokens. Usually, new notifications are announced on different accounts from Riot's staff, either on Twitter or on Reddit. This makes it hard for players to keep up to date on crucial information because they have to be able to be aware of all the different accounts associated with these kinds of updates. 

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