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League of Legends For Linux: How To Play The Game On Linux

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League of Legends is available for Mac and Windows, but there is another operating system which can be used to play League of Legends. So let's check out how LoL is played on Linux. 

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League of Legends Linux: How To Download the game. | © Riot Games

Playing League of Legends is pretty simple. You download the game, get into the client, and then have a good time. But for those who don't use a Mac or Windows operating system, there are a few more loopholes they have to jump through before they can play League of Legends. 

While it might not be as hard as playing League of Legends on the Steam Deck, getting the game installed on your Linux operating system is also pretty complicated. Therefore, we've got the main steps for you right here so you can enjoy some games of League. 

League of Legends For Linux: Follow These Simple Steps

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Follow these steps for a smooth game on Linux. | © Riot Games

There are a few simple steps you'll need to follow to have the game up and running on your PC. This isn't difficult though and if you're a Linux user, then you're probably familiar with the terms we're about to use anyways. 

  1. Update Your Linux System: Ensure your Linux distribution is up-to-date to avoid compatibility issues.
  2. Install Wine: Wine is a compatibility layer that allows you to run Windows applications on Linux. You can install Wine through your Linux distribution's package manager.
  3. Install a Helper Application (like Lutris or PlayOnLinux):
    1. Lutris: Lutris is a gaming client for Linux that simplifies installing and managing games. It has scripts for installing “League of Legends” that handle much of the setup process.
    2. PlayOnLinux: Similar to Lutris, PlayOnLinux provides a user-friendly interface to manage Wine configurations and installations.
  4. Install League of Legends:
    1. If using Lutris: Search for “League of Legends” in Lutris and follow the installation script.
    2. If using PlayOnLinux: Install “League of Legends” using the PlayOnLinux wizard, which guides you through downloading and setting up the game.
  5. Adjust Settings if Necessary: Depending on your system and the version of “League of Legends,” you might need to tweak Wine settings or install additional libraries.
  6. Run the Game: Once installed, you can run “League of Legends” through Lutris or PlayOnLinux.

There you go, now the game should be running on Linux as well. It is important to note that Linux might not provide the same level of stability or performance as on supported operating systems like Windows. 

Keep an eye on patches and updates, since they could affect how well the game runs on your computer. Other than that though, the game should run perfectly fine on your Linux computer. 

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