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We want the winter map back Riot!

LoL: How To Get The Winter Wonder Summoner's Rift Map

Guides 25-12-2023 13:00

Since we won't get back the winter wonder map from Riot, we'll show you how to transform your map into a snowy eye candy by yourself to get in the mood for the upcoming holidays

League of legends winter map 2023
A winter wonder map in 2023, but not from Riot, though. | © KillerSkins/Riot Games

It's already 7 years ago that we last saw the beloved winter map that almost every player wants back in the Summoner's Rift, including me! Winter season is the best season, especially for gamers who just want to play games all day long. You can't change my mind! 

Since Riot won't do their job and give people what they're craving for years now, we'll do it for you and show you a tutorial, how to get back the winter map for LoL. 

LoL Tutorial: How To Get Back The Winter Wonder Map in Summoner's Rift

It's really easy to get the winter wonder map into your game. Just follow the steps below, one by one:

  1. Go on the website here
  2. download the file
  3. Drag and drop or extract lolcustomskin-tools from the ZIP File to a folder of your choice
  4. Start lc-manager.exe and find your League of Legends file
  5. Then you choose your League of Legends Game Folder: "Your Drive":/Riot Games/League of Legends/Game/
  6. Go to and download the Winter Rift mod
  7. On the LCS manager you can add the mod or drag and drop it again
  8. Tick the winter map mod and click "Run"

You don't have to be an expert to understand the steps we showed you. However, if it's still too complicated for you, you can also check out the following video, explaining everything you need to know:

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How Does The Winter Wonder Map Look Like?

Well, first, there is snow. A lot of snow to be exact. Who would've thought. But not only that, with this mode almost everything is decorated or adjusted. The nexus is a giant Christmas tree, the inhibitors are huge gifts (god I wish I would get one of these for Christmas) and the towers got cute little ice crowns on top of them. 

Gromp and Blue Buff Winter Map
A small peek at Gromp and Blue Buff. | © Ractick/YouTube

Even the camps are all reworked, giving Gromp an adorable Christmas hat and making the Scuttle Crab the king (or queen, I'm not really sure) of the river with a small crown and a royal robe. Also the minions got adjusted with a bobble hat for each of them. How sweet of the developer!

Why We Probably Won't Get Back The Winter Wonder Map By Riot Games Themselves

Riot stated that they really like making fun events for players. But since they don't last long in the Summoner's Rift, it's not really worth it for them to work on such projects like map skins. Not only that, but Riot also wants to focus on more immersive environments that players get to experience for a longer period of time, such as Nexus Blitz or the Arena game mode.

Since they also added the Elemental Rift updates, letting the rift change, depending on a certain drake, it might be tons of work and effort, creating map skins for each elemental map. 

I have a kind of controversial opinion on this, but what I'm wondering is, why can Dota have cool stuff like this, but League of Legends doesn't? Seriously, if Riot put in some effort, they could sell these as cool cosmetics for RP. And we all know, Riot loves selling like literally everything, including eternals, borders or icons for example.

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