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League of Legends: How To Mass Disenchant Champions For Blue Essence

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In League of Legends, players can disenchant champion shards for Blue Essence. Recently, a mass disenchant option has been added to the client, but how does it work? 

Arcana Ryze HD
League of Legends: How to mass disenchant – it's that easy. | © Riot Games

Riot Games have finally added the mass disenchantment tool to League of Legends, with which players can get Blue Essence in bulk. Until now, players had to disenchant champions – or anything else for that matter – one by one, which was quite tedious, so this new tool is a godsend by Riot Games. 

Now, with this finally being added to the League of Legends client, you might be wondering how exactly this mass disenchantment tool works, right? That's what we're going to show you right now. 

League of Legends: Mass Disenchantment Tool – How Does It Work?

Lo L Disenchant Tool
This is what it'll look like when you use the tool in the bottom left. | © Riot Games / Riftfeed

You just have to follow the steps below, and you'll be able to disenchant multiple champions for Blue Essence and won't have to continuously click. For those who want to get some extra Blue Essence for the Emporium, this is great! 

  1. Log into your account and go to the Loot Tab
  2. Find and click the Multi-Disenchant button, located at the bottom left of the Loot Tab
  3. When prompted, confirm your decision by clicking the “Disenchant” button
  4. Complete the process to disenchant all owned and duplicate champion shards simultaneously

It's pretty simple and in the end you're going to be getting some more blue essence. The tool will automatically pick every single one of your champion shards to disenchant. 

Can You Also Mass Disenchant For Orange Essence? 

No champions to disenchant
You can only disenchant champions. | © Riot Games / Riftfeed

At the moment, the tool only works for champions to disenchant Blue Essence. Players who do not have any champion shards will not be able to use the tool, as you can see in the screenshot above. Once there are no more champion shards, then it will say that there is nothing left to disenchant. Maybe one day Riot will expand this tool to also include Orange Essence and skins? 

Mass Disenchantment: The Limitations

One of the limitations is how many champion shards can be disenchanted at the same time. You can only disenchant 50 shards at the same time. Not only that, but players are not able to pick and choose the champions they want to disenchant, but the first 50 in your loot tool will be picked automatically. 

This is a limit Riot has set due to service load concerns, as well as because of the limited time the devs had to work on this tool. But 50 is still much better than one by one, right? So it's already a step up from before. 

League of Legends Blue Essence: What To Use It For

Infernal Karma in game chromas
Get yourself a chroma with Blue Essence. | © Riot Games / SkinSpotlights

The best way to use your Blue Essence is to pick up new champions free of cost. Of course, if you've been playing long enough then you either have all champions you want, or just every champ in the game, then there are some other uses for Blue Essence as well. 

  • Purchase Champions
  • Upgrade Champion Shards to permanent Champions
  • Purchase Additional Rune Pages
  • Change Summoner Name

You can also use Blue Essence in the biannual Essence Emporium, where players can pick up emotes, special skins and a lot of chromas for their skins. This is probably the best way to spend your Blue Essence once you've got all champions you want and need. 

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