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How to level up your warding game significantly.

LoL: A Short Guide To The Best Wards In The Game

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As I'm originally an ADC main, warding spots have never been too important for me. But as I play fasting Senna more often, I also gotta get into warding. So I watched a guide from Swedish pro player Treatz and wanted to share his best warding spots with you. 

Pro player Treatz made a guide for warding|©Riot Games

Warding is essential in League of Legends. Gaining vision on enemy champions simplifies decision-making. 

Consider this: how often have you died to an unexpected gank because you didn't ward? I bet it's a lot.

It's a good idea to experiment with the following ward placements in the practice tool first. While some can be challenging to get right, as Treatz emphasized, they're among the best wards in the game and are invaluable to master.

Where to Ward on Blue Side


Red Side Jungle Ward
Red Side Jungle Gromp|©Treatz

This ward offers a strategic view of the enemy jungler when they're at Gromp. Plus, it remains undetected by a Blue Buff Brush Pinkward.

Wardspot 1
Where to move |©Treatz

This ward can be a bit tricky to position correctly. It's meant to keep an eye on the red side bot tri brush when you're pushing the tower. Champions like Jarvan, Fiddlesticks, and Rek'Sai, for example, often use this route for ganks. 

For accurate placement, align your character between the two subtle dark grey notches visible in the center of the image, standing as close to the wall as possible.

Wardspot 1 2
Where To Click|©Treatz

For the next step, click between the two bottom small green rocks. Given its precision, practicing this placement in the tool is beneficial.

Baron Redsite Tribush
Baronpit to red tri brush|©Treatz

This ward requires exactness. You need to click right where the cursor is shown in the image and stand very close to the wall. It gives a view of the red top side tri brush from the baron pit, eliminating the need for risky face-checks.

Baron to Redside Ward
Baron Pit to Red Brush|©Treatz

This particular ward is perfect for scouting the adjacent red jungle brush from the baron pit without directly checking. When your cursor lights up green, slightly shift it closer to your champion, following the guidance provided in the image.


Midlane Blue Jungle
Blue Side Mid Lane own Jungle|©Treatz

This ward is designed to survey your own jungle, helping to deter potential dives. It's essential to position your cursor exactly as shown in the image.

Red Side Mid Ward

This ward proves efficient for tracking jungler movements in the early stages of a match.

Top Lane

Toplane Blueside Ward
Top Lane River Brush Ward|©Treatz

This strategic ward placement ensures you can view the river brush without the risk of bumping into an unexpected jungler.

Where to Ward When You're on the Red Side


Blue Side Jungle Ward

This ward captures the movement of junglers transitioning into the blue side tri brush, or heading to the drake or mid lane. Conveniently, this ward can be placed from the drake pit.

Drake to blue Tribush
Drake to Blue Side Tri|©Treatz

This is the famed "Scarra Ward." Yes, referencing the Twitch Streamer Scarra. Formerly a professional player, there's a memorable clip of him attempting to ward this brush but failing twice.

The key is not to click directly into the brush. Instead, click between the trees on the rock. This method allows you to ward the blue tri brush without needing to face-check it directly.

Blue Side Jungle Ward Raptors
Blue Jungle Ward Raptors|©Treatz

This ward evades detection by pink wards in the raptor brush or the drake brush. It's adept at revealing the enemy jungler's route.

ADC / Support

Botlane Redside to River Ward
Red Side Botlane Ward|©Treatz

This ward facilitates vision within the bot lane brush, eliminating the need for risky face-checks. For precision, place your cursor at the edge of the left waterfall where the water cascades. Although straightforward to place, its significance in games is undeniable.

Drake to Blue Bush
Drake to Blue Jungle Brush Ward|©Treatz

This ward might pose a bit of a challenge. It's recommended to familiarize yourself with its placement using the practice tool.

If you want to see all those wards in action, here is the Treatz guide for you:

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I hope this guide taught you something new and improved your gameplay. 

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