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LoL: Best Builds For Gragas In 2024

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Gragas is known for his huge build variety. This hasn't changed in Season 14 and I want to show you all the possible items and builds you should be using on Gragas in Season 2024.

Gragas esq
What a distinguished gentleman. | © Riot Games

Gragas is a very versatile Champion. He can work extremely well as a full damage mage, an AP Bruiser, or even as a tank. He has an exceptional variety of items and builds, especially in the top lane. In mid-lane and jungle he is mostly played as a mage, but even then his item build leaves a lot of space for creativity. The new items have done wonders for Gragas, and he can utilize most of them really well.

LoL: Best Items For Gragas

Gragas Caskbreaker
My favourite Gragas skin. | © Riot Games

Full Damage Gragas

As per usual, you start out with a Doran's Ring and you will get Sorcerer's Shoes. Your first Item would be Archangel's Staff, as the early tear helps a lot with mana struggles. 

For your second item, you could build a Stormsurge. Even though this Item already got nerfed significantly, it is still a great option for Gragas as his burst is incredibly high. 

His third item would be Rabadon's Deathcap which is a staple Item for any Mage. Lich Bane also got buffed and is a good choice for Gragas.

AP Bruiser Gragas

Bruiser Gragas also starts out with Doran's Ring, but preferably buys Ionian Boots for more ability haste. In general, this build focuses more on getting Haste and Health, as these are the best stats for Bruisers. 

You want to start out this build with a Rod of Ages to give it time to stack up. After that, you can build Liandries and follow that up with Riftmaker. Haunting Guise is finally back from its hiatus and works extremely well on Gragas. After these core items, you can always build a Zhonyas for survivability or Cosmic Drive for more haste and outplay potential.

Tank Gragas

Tank Gragas also starts out with Doran's Ring. Depending on your match up, you can either build Plated Steelcaps or Merc's, but I would recommend Ionian Boots. Your first Item will be an Iceborn Gauntlet, as your W skill synergizes very good with the Sheen and the slow is a huge combo enabler. Depending on the Matchup, you can either build Frozen Heart or Kaenic Rookern/Abyssal Mask next. 

Tank Items are surprisingly cheap and very good. Other tank options are Sunfire Cape/Hollow Radiance as well as Unending Despair, Jak'Sho and Spirit Visage. 

Vandal Gragas skin splash
The last thing you see before you buy Malignance on Gragas. | © Riot Games

Bad Gragas Items

Malignance: The stats that the item gives are absolutely fantastic, and the extra ultimate haste makes it even better, but due to the nature of gragas ult knocking people away you are wasting the passive effect of the item. 

Cryptbloom: Cryptbloom is a very situational Item. Sure the healing effect is cool, but you generally don't need it on Gragas. If you are looking for more magic pen, get a Voidstaff instead.

Anathema's Chains: The item is not bad per se but incredibly situational. If the enemies have a single fed carry it might be worth a pickup, otherwise buying almost purely health is never a good choice.

Trailblazer: Trailblazer is a tank item that allows you to engage for your team. Gragas already does this extremely well and really doesn't make great use of the effect. In most cases, you want to insec the enemies to your team anyway, and they can stand at a safe distance.

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