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LoL: Best Kled Items In Season 2024

Guides 28-01-2024 11:00

Titanic Hydra is back, Baby. And that means our favourite Schizo Yordle is ready to terrorize the Rift again. 

Kled 0
Im pretty sure theres a squirrel in his head. | © Riot Games

Kled is a champion that goes in. If he goes in, he rarely gets out. It's either him or the enemies. 

I will tell you all about the items that you need to successfully murder yourself through the enemy team, and you might even survive doing so.

LoL: Titanic is back. 

Kled has two different builds at the moment. The first one is his standard bruiser build that focuses on brawling, and the other one is his lethality build that focuses on dealing significant damage but having very little survivability. 

Both of these builds make use of the new Tiamat.

Marauder Kled
Can we please get more Kled skins!? | © Riot Games

Standard Bruiser Kled

With Bruiser Kled you want to rush Titanic Hydra. This isnt only great for your wave clear, but also gives you an auto attack reset, which allows you to remount onto Skaarl a lot faster than usual.

Afterwards, you're buying the Basic Bruiser Items. You are going to want a Black Cleaver and maybe a Steraks for some tankyness. Sundered Sky is a great option since you autoattack a lot anyway, and Deaths Dance can give you some much-needed survivability as well. Finish all of this with a Guardian Angel, and you are an absolute menace in the side lane.

Lethality Kled

Lethality Kled means death. Either for your opponents or for yourself because there is no way you are ever surviving an all in if you fail. You start with building Hubris. This is a new assassin item that gives you infinite scaling AD, which is obviously amazing. Your second Item will be a Profane Hydra. This lets you buy Tiamat, which is very needed for wave clear. Youmuu's Ghostblade next to have some more sticking power with the speed and finish this with either an Opportunity or an Axiom Arc. If you want to ult more, then Axiom would be your Item of choice. Opportunity is amazing if you want to embrace the in and out play style of an assassin. 

Sir Kled
My Knight in shining armor. | © Riot Games

Bad Items on Kled

Ravenous Hydra: With the addition or comeback of titanic hydra, you never want to buy ravenous ever again. The autoattack reset is just way too important on Kled as it allows him to reset attacks and get his main damage across a lot faster.

Crit Items: Yes, Navori Kled can be loads of fun, but in general It's just not worth it. If you want to deal huge damage, please play Lethality.

Experimental Hexplate: On paper this Item sounds fantastic on Kled, but unfortunately playing around his ult is very coinflippy. It doesnt hit often enough to actually buy this item, and you are better off with other options.

Terminus: The effect would be amazing on Kled, but in most fights you dont autoattack so much that it actually fully stacks, and you can take advantage of it.

What Builds have been working for you, and what champion would you like a build guide for next? Let me know in the comments!

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