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Miss Fortunes is one of the strongest bot laners at the moment. Here is how to play her.

LoL Miss Fortune Beginners Guide: How To Play This ADC

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Miss Fortune Gangsterboss
Let it rain bullets on your opponents! | © Riot Games

Currently, in the meta, Miss Fortune, also known as the Bounty Hunter, has risen to the top. She is one of the best ADCs in League of Legends, offering massive burst damage, a devastating ultimate, and a movement speed bonus for roaming.

To stay one step ahead, we'll provide a quick overview of Miss Fortune's play style, abilities, items, and runes. So grab your guns and let's get started.

Miss Fortune's Abilities

Like every other champion in LoL, Miss Fortune possesses four unique abilities:

Q - Double Up

Miss Fortune fires a penetrating bullet that deals massive damage to two enemies. This ability allows you to hit multiple targets simultaneously, even those in the backline or behind minion waves.

W - Strut

Miss Fortune increases her attack and movement speed. Use this ability to reposition yourself during fights or to disengage from dangerous situations.

E - Make It Rain

Miss Fortune summons a bullet rain that deals damage and significantly slows opponents. Use this ability to force opponents to move away or catch them. It's also useful for slowing opponents before following up with your ultimate for maximum effectiveness.

R - Bullet Time

Miss Fortune's ultimate ability. She fires multiple volleys of bullets in a cone shape, hitting everyone within range. This ability is excellent for team fights and highly effective against almost every champion.

Miss Fortune's Playstyle

Miss Fortune is an aggressive and burst-oriented AD champion. Her playstyle revolves around dealing high damage and dominating in team fights. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Harassment: Use your Q ability to harass opponents in the early game. Keep them low on HP and force them away from the minion wave. Well-placed shots through the minion wave can establish lane dominance.
  • Teamfights: Stay in the backline during team fights and wait for the perfect moment to use your ultimate. Try to hit as many opponents as possible. Be cautious as your ultimate can be interrupted if you get crowd-controlled.
  • Mobility: Activate your W before fighting to increase your movement and attack speed. This makes it easier to reposition, flee, or chase down enemies.
  • Awareness: Map awareness is crucial in every LoL game. Miss Fortune is a relatively immobile champion, so stay close to your support or team and keep an eye on the minimap.
  • Synergies: Look for suitable allies to maximize your effectiveness, especially those with crowd-control abilities. This will enable you to unleash devastating ultimates, the strongest aspect of your kit.

Recommended Items and Runes

Miss Fortune Item Recommendations
Some of the recommended Items for Miss Fortune. | © Riot Games

To optimize Miss Fortune's effectiveness, we recommend the following runes and item builds:

  • Items: Youmuu's Ghostblade, The Collector, Serylda's Grudge
  • Runes: Inspiration (First Strike, Magical Footwear, Biscuit Delivery, Cosmic Insight), Sorcery (Manaflow Band, Gathering Storm)

Miss Fortune benefits greatly from lethality and armor penetration. In some cases, you can build crit damage on her. If you choose to do so, we recommend Infinity Edge and/or Kraken Slayer. Adapt your build to your playstyle and respond to the enemy team composition.

Miss Fortune requires a significant amount of mana, so starting with Tear of the Goddess instead of Doran's Blade might be a good idea. Later, you can use the Tear to build Manamune/Muramana. Both options are viable and effective on Miss Fortune.

5 Tips and Tricks for Miss Fortune

We understand that it's challenging to remember every detail we've discussed so far. Here's a brief summary of the most important aspects of playing Miss Fortune:

  1. Use Q - Double Up to increase your damage output and hit targets in the backline or clear minion waves faster.
  2. Activate W - Strut before fighting to increase your movement and attack speed. Use this to reposition during fights.
  3. Combine E - Make It Rain with your ultimate ability to slow opponents and prolong their exposure to your ultimate.
  4. Position yourself advantageously to use R - Bullet Time on multiple opponents, allowing you to dominate team fights and potentially decide the outcome of the game.
  5. Keep an eye on the minimap. Use E to slow down enemy ganks and attacks. Stay close to your support or team as Miss Fortune is a relatively immobile champion.

By utilizing Miss Fortune's abilities effectively, choosing the right items and runes, you can create a living nightmare for your opponents in the bot lane. Miss Fortune's kit allows her to control the battlefield, and a well-timed ultimate can sway team fights in your favor. There you have it, a concise beginner's guide to playing Miss Fortune.

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