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Here are the top 3 meta comps for you!

LoR: The 3 Best Meta Comps For Patch 4.10.

Guides 22-10-2023 11:00

I searched through a lot of Legends of Runeterra decks to find the best performing ones in the meta in Patch 4.10 right now. Here they are!

Legends of Runeterra Seraphine
Seraphine didn't get top 3 sadly. Maybe next time!|©Riot Games

As we already talked about some Off-Meta Decks for LoR, I bring you the best performing meta decks for Patch 4.10.

The data range is from High Diamond to Masters and I only looked at comps with over 5000 games played.

3. Shen / Jarvan IV

Shen and Jarvan are blocking the way for their opponents. Thus, they reached place 3 with a win rate of 57,7% in 20.000 games.

Lo R Shen Jarvan
Shen and Jarvan are blocking the enemies way to victory |© Riot Games

The synergy is pretty obvious. Shen needs teammates with barrier to level up, while Jarvan has an inbuilt barrier while challenging people and needs his allies to survive while blocking to level up.

While Demacia has a lot of challenging units, you can take out your opponents without them dying because of barrier. Also, the Ionia units make some good use of this and can attack freely with extreme power levels, without a unit to block them.


Bildschirmfoto 2023 10 20 um 17 39 24
Full Decklist |©Riot Games

2. Darius / Gnar

Darius and Gnar got second place, while they are overwhelming your opponents. They are sitting at a 58% win rate in 50.000 games.

Lo R Darius Gnar
Darius and Gnar are only thinking about the enemy Nexus |© Riot Games

This deck is all about bringing the enemy Nexus to low health. You achieve this by using Overwhelm and finishing with Darius and Battle Fury. Also this deck has some decent amounts of power-up through the Freljord units, so your allies will deal even more damage and aren't easily killed.


Bildschirmfoto 2023 10 20 um 17 39 03
Full Decklist |©Riot Games

1. Miss Fortune / Quinn

Aaaand on the top of the list is the combination of Miss Fortune and Quinn. They are sitting at a 60% win rate in nearly 17.000 games right now. 

Lo R MF Quinn
This gon' be a fast one |©Riot Games

This deck is all about double attacking with scout and abusing MFs passive, which deals 1 to every battling opponent and the enemy Nexus. If you're quick, you can just eliminate the whole enemy team and attack the Nexus for free. Just make sure to finish the game as fast as possible. Otherwise, the strong enemy late-game units will just block and destroy you.


Bildschirmfoto 2023 10 20 um 17 39 44
Full Decklist |©Riot Games

That's all for today. Those comps will most likely stay the top comps for this month. 

I wish you a good climb!

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