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League of Legends: In 2024 Faker Has More Skins Than These Champions

Skins 03-06-2024 16:05

League of Legends superstar Faker is known for his skill, and in 2024 he's going to be getting two new skins under his name. But how many does a single player now have? 

T1 worlds 2023 faker and trophy
League of Legends: How many Faker skins are there now? | © Riot Games

Faker is the most famous League of Legends player in the world. Riot have also just revealed that he will be the first inductee into their brand-new Hall of Legends. To celebrate, Riot will hold an in-game event where players can get cosmetics and other goodies.

Not only that, but there is also going to be a brand-new Ahri skin under Faker's name which will be added into the game. With him and T1 having just won Worlds in 2023, that makes... a lot of Faker skins. 

League of Legends: How Many Skins Does Faker Have? 

Faker is the player with the most World Championship titles. No one has won as many times as he has, and he's also going to be getting a brand-new Ahri skin to celebrate his addition to the Hall of Legends as well as a brand-new LeBlanc skin. Counting all those skins together, he would have a total of 7 skins. 

  • SKT T1 Zed (2013)
  • SKT T1 Ryze (2015)
  • SKT T1 Syndra (2016)
  • T1 Orianna (2023)
  • Risen Legend Ahri (2024)
  • Immortalized Risen Legend Ahri (2024)
  • Risen Legend LeBlanc (2024)

While at first players wondered whether Faker would get a LeBlanc skin as well, it's now been confirmed. With there being 2 Ahri skins, his number of skins have just shot up. 

Which Champions Have Fewer Skins Than Faker?

Faker isn't a champion in League of Legends, but a professional player, but it's still insane to think that there are more "Faker skins" than some champions own normal skins, right? So, which champions have fewer skins than Faker? 

ChampionNumber of SkinsLast Skin ReceivedChampion Released
Zac6Zesty ZacMarch 29, 2013
Yuumi6Shiba YuumiMay 15, 2019
Viktor6High Noon ViktorDecember 29, 2011
Vel'Koz6Bee'KozFebruary 27, 2014
Urgot6Fright Night UrgotAugust 24, 2010
Udyr6Inkshadow UdyrDecember 2, 2012
Taric6Space Groove TaricAugust 19, 2009
Tahm Kench6Shan Hai Scrolls Tahm KenchJuly 9, 2015
Rumble6Cafe Cuties RumbleApril 26, 2011
Quinn6Star Guardian QuinnMarch 1, 2013
Kayn6Heartsteel KaynJuly 12, 2017
Bard6Shan Hai Scrolls BardMarch 12, 2015
Azir6Worlds 2022 AzirSeptember 16, 2014
Viego5Soul Fighter ViegoJanuary 21, 2021

Crystalis Motus Taliyah

May 18, 2016
Skarner5Cosmic Sting SkarnerAugust 9, 2011
Kalista5Faerie Court KalistaNovember 20, 2014
Aurelion Sol5Porcelain Aurelion SolMarch 24, 2016
Aohelios5Heartsteel ApheliosDecember 11, 2019
Faerie court lilia
Lilia just got a new skin recently. | © Riot Games
ChampionNumber of SkinsLast Skin ReceivedChampion Released
Samira4Soul Fighter SamiraSeptember 21, 2020
Renata Glasc4La Illusion Renata GlascFebruary 17, 2022
Rek'Sai4Elderwood Rek'SaiDecember 11, 2014
Ornn4Choo Choo OrnnAugust 23, 2017
Lillia4Faerie Court LiliaJuly 22, 2020
Kled4Kibble KledAugust 10, 2016
Ivern4Astronaut IvernOctober 05, 2016
Illaoi4Snow Moon Illaoi

November 24, 2015



Immortal Journey ZeriJanuary 20, 2022
Rell3High Noon RellDecember 10, 2020
K'Sante3Heartsteel K'SanteNovember 3, 2022
Gwen3Soul Fighter GwenApril 15, 2021
Akshan3Three Honors AkshanJuly 22, 2021
Vex2Empyrean Vex23 September, 2021
Nilah2Coven NilahJuly 14, 2022
Naafiri2PROJECT NaafiriJuly 19, 2023
Bel'Veth2Cosmic Matriarch Bel'VethJune 8, 2022
Smolder1Heavenscale SmolderFebruary 7, 2024
Milio1Faerie Court MilioMarch 23, 2023
Hwei1Winterblessed HweiDecember 6, 2023
Briar1Street Demon BriarSeptember 14, 2023

Sure, some of these champions are new and only came out in the last year or so, but some of the older champions on the list are suffering from a lack of skins… right? Hopefully Riot gives some of them some love soon. Do we really need another Yasuo or Yone skin when we could have Kled or Rek'Sai? 

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