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LoL Quick Play Mode: Everything You Need To Know

Guides 09-11-2023 17:30

The new Quick Play mode is coming to League of Legends and is already live on some servers. But what is this exactly and how does it work? 

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LoL Quick Play: How does the new game mode work? | © Riot Games

Quick Play is here and it's ready to stay. A couple of League of Legends servers have already replaced the Blind Pick game mode with Quick Play, while others still have to wait, but what exactly does Quick Play entail, and how will the new mode work?

This game mode is replacing Blind Pick and should make queuing up much faster and simpler, without the needed fight for the role you want to play. So let's go over everything you need to know before it's live in your region. 

LoL Quick Play: New Mode Explained

Quick Play will be slowly rolling out on various servers, with the new mode already available on some for further testing. But how does this mode even work and how is it different from Blind Pick? 

No More Champion Select

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This is what the champion select screen will look like. | © Riot Games

Quick Play is going to let you skip champion select completely. Before you queue up, players will pick a champion and a role, as well as a secondary role and a champion in that one. 

  • 2 unique champions
  • 2 unique positions (minimum 1 priority)
  • All solo rules apply to each player
  • Minimum of 1 unique champion per player across the party
  • Primary slot selections must be unique across the party (champion and position)
  • 1 unique champion per player across the party
  • 1 unique position per player across the party

Then, you queue up. Once the queue pops, instead of going to a pick/ban phase (or just a pick phase), you end up loading right into the game, skipping over the formalities. 

This queue form will ensure that you get the champion and role you want without having to fight over it in a Blind Pick chat before the game starts. This should definitely help new players as well. 

LoL Quick Play: Which MMR Will Be Used For Matchmaking?

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Are you ready to hop into a game? | © Riot Games

Quick Play will have the same MMR that Blind Pick had, since it's going to be replacing Blind Pick in the League of Legends client. So if you played a lot of Blind Pick, then you should have a pretty solid MMR for Quick play already. 

Surrender Vote Differences To Other Queue Forms

In Quick Play, Riot is also going to be making some key changes to the surrender format. Since there might be some discrepancy, due to champion picks or skill differences, Riot is going to change the surrender times. 

Early surrenders can start at 10-minutes with 4 of 5 players having to agree, while 3 of 5 people agreeing to surrender comes at 20-minutes. 

Overall, this game mode will be much better than Blind Pick, which was rarely played and reminds us of the good old days when we had Team Builder in League of Legends. Those were still times, eh? 

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This mode is horrible. Every match there is a player that goes 0/20.