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Riot Devs Reveal Reason Behind LoL Quick Play Delay

More 28-07-2023 17:57
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LoL Quick Play: Why was the game mode delayed? | © Riot Games

Riot has been working on a new queue form called Quick Play in which players will choose their role and champions ahead of the queue. They will then get matched with other players in other roles. This game mode is meant to replace the unloved Blind Pick mode. 

Quick Play had been planned to release for the mid-season update or the ranked reset, but a few things came in the way, which meant the release for this new queue form has been delayed. 

LoL Quick Play: Why The Queue Was Delayed By Riot

Ahead of the Quick Play mode, Riot have also worked on adding a new tier into the ranked ladder with Emerald getting added this ranked split to the mix. This, along with the Soul Fighter event, as well as the new Arena game mode, Quick Play had to be put on the back burner. 

That's why the team for Quick Play has not been able to complete the mode in time and it's been delayed, unfortunately. Some fans have previously asked about Quick Play, wanting this new queue form instead of the boding Blind Pick mode since it seems much easier to find teams and teammates this way. 

Estimated Release Date For Quick Play

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So, when can you actually expect Quick Play to make it onto live servers? According to Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee, the game mode should be ready later this year, so we can probably see it hit live servers around the LoL Preseason 2024. 

With Soul Fighter being out and Arena being so successful, the team can now focus on bringing Quick Play to the major player base. Will you be testing out this new queue form or are you going to stick to ranked and draft pick? Quick Play sounds exciting and fun for anyone to try a new Summoner's Rift experience. 

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