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Who counters the jungle kitten?

Top 3 Rengar Counters

Rengar Counter
Rengar might look scary, but these champions can take him on. | © Riot Games

Finally, it's time that the Rengar rework is going to hit the rift. When? In League of Legends Patch 12.6 of course! Our favorite kitten from the jungle will be jumping out pf bushes left and right – since we don't have to worry about chemtech rift anymore, but who is going to counter this champions? 

Rengar is going to be a pretty strong champion thanks to the changes, we've seen some hilarious bugs on the PBE server already, but which champions should you pick the moment you see the opposing team lock him in? With the rework going live we think this is going to happen quite often, so we've made a list of the best Rengar counters – don't worry Riftfeed has your back guys. 

Which Champions are the Best Rengar Counters?

The following champions are the ones who will have a solid performance when facing off against Rengar. So make sure you get one of them when the enemy team locks him in!

3. Rammus

Rammus is anything and everything which Rengar is afraid of in the jungle. He's got solid armor, abilities that scale and enough HP not to get one-shot by him. Oh and did we mention he's also got Crowd Control? 

Full Metal Rammus Rengar Counter
His shell is too strong. | © Riot Games

Even if you end up in a difficult place against Rengar, what is he going to do when all you have to do is just roll away? Rammus isn't missing anything in his kit when it comes to fighting against Rengar. Even in teamfights Rammus will have the upper hand. Just taunt Rengar with your E to bring him out from the back line and bam! The cat is basically dead. 

2. Hecarim

Okay, let's be real in the current meta Hecarim has the upper hand against any jungler basically, but Rengar is nothing more than a little kitten stuck to the bottom of his hooves. Seriously, it's like Riot designed Hecarim's kit to coutner Rengar. 

Halloween Hecarim Rengar Counter
No pumpkin soup for Rengar this time around. | © Riot Games

Hecarim is extremely strong. As already mentioned his kit has all the tools necessary to shut Rengar down. He's got insane mobility which makes his engage or disengage super strong. Thanks to his W he's able to counter Rengar's burst and he's also chalked full with CC to make Rengar pretty unhappy. Whether you stun Rengar or fear him is your choice, but one thing is certain, Rengar didn't sign up to be bullied like this. 

1. Warwick

This pick might be a bit dependant on your elo, since we all know low elo Warwick is unstoppable, but when it comes to the duel between the cat and the wolf, then Warwick will usually come out on top. Let's check out what tools Warwick has that can take down Rengar with ease. 

Old God Warwick Rengar Counter
Warwick looks pretty scary, right? | © Riot Games

Similar to Rammus and Hecarim, he's got insane outplay potential. He has multiple ways to beat Rengar, whether it's thanks to the heal in his Q or the fear which he can use against opponents. Both are things Rengar can't really deal with. 

You can use your W to sniff out any low health cat in the jungle. This way you can track him down even if you can't see him. Oh and let's not forget Warwick's ultimate. It can literally tear Rengar into little bits and pieces. Oh and you can use it defensively as well in-case you're a bit too wild. 

So, now you know which picks to pull out when you encounter Rengar in your upcoming solo queue games. The rework will likely shift his priority up and many players will want to try him out. Thanks to the aforementioned champions you'll be able to go toe-to-toe with the jngle cat.