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Everything you need to know about Patch 12.6

LoL Patch 12.6 | Buffs and Nerfs

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Rengar update incoming. | © Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 12.6 is just around the corner and we are finally getting the anticipated Rengar mini rework. Not only that, but there are a few other updates coming to sustain. 

Riot wants to curb sustain a little and is tackling lifesteal. What exactly will be changed in the upcoming patch, though? Spoiler: A rune is getting deleted, but what other items are going to be targeted? 

Champion Nerfs in LoL Patch 12.6 

Only two champions are on the nerf list this time around. Hecarim has been one of the best junglers lately, getting picked in both pro-play and solo queue. He has one of the best clears and can impact lanes heavily with this ganks, so it's time Riot nerfed him, but did they target the right part of his kit? 

  • Hecarim
    • Q Base Damage: 60-208 (+85%bAD) --> 60-180 (+85%bAD)
    • E Min/Max Base Damage: 30-110 (+55%bAD)/60-220 (+110%bAD) --> 30-90 (+55%bAD)/60-180(+110%bAD)
  • Tryndamere
    • E cooldown reduction on crit: 1s (2s for Champions) --> 0.75s (1.5s for Champions)
    • R cooldown: 110-90s --> 130-90s

Champion Buffs in LoL Patch 12.6 

Azir has an awful win rate in solo queue, which is probably why Riot had mercy on the mid laner and decided to give him a slight buff, but will a bit more HP really do the trick? Probably not. 

  • Azir
    • Health per Level: 92 --> 105
  • Nidalee
    • W (Bushwhack) Mana Cost: 40-60 --> 30-50
    • W (Pounce) AoE Radius: 225u --> 250u
    • E (Primal Surge) Cast Range: 600u --> 900u
    • E (Primas Surge) Mana Cost: 50-90 --> 50-70
  • Darius
    • R Base Damage: 100-300 --> 125-375
  • Jax
    • Base Health: 593 --> 615
    • W Base Damage: 40-180 --> 50-190


Sustain Changes in LoL Patch 12.6 

Sustain is being changed up quite a bit. Grievous Wounds hasn't done a good enough job of people going full health again, which is why Riot has decided to reduce lifesteal from a few items and systems in the game. 

  • Fleet Footwork
    • Heal - 10-100 (+40%bAD)(+30%AP) --> 10-100 (+30%bAD)(+20%AP)
  • Legend: Bloodline
    • Lifesteal per stack: .6% (Max 9%) --> .4 (Max 6%)
    • New: After reaching maximum Legend Stacks increase max health to 100
  • Vampiric Scepter
    • Lifesteal: 10% --> 8%
  • Blade of the Ruined King
    • Lifesteal: 10% --> 8%
  • Immortal Shieldbow
    • Lifesteal: 10% --> 8%
    • Lifeline Shield Amount: 275-650 --> 275-700
    • Mythic Passive: 5AD and 50 Health --> 5 AD and 70 Health
  • Bloodward (Ornn)
    • Lifesteal: 12% --> 10%
  • Ravenous Hunter
    • Removed and replaced by Treasure Hunter
  • Treasure Hunter
    • When you claim a bounty hutner stack, gain 70 gold, increased by 20 gold for each prior Bounty Hunter Stack

Rengar Mini Rework to go Live in Patch 12.6 

We've talked about this Rengar update since the summer of 2021. This has been in the works for over 6-months and yes, the kitty cat did receive a few nice changes during the short lifespan of the Chemtech Drake, but now the mini rework finally has a release date. What is getting update though? 

  • P - Unseen Predator
    • Gain 1 ferocity on leap - If you leap from 0 Ferocity >>> If you haven't already gained a Ferocity from leaping since the last time you reached 0 Ferocity
    • Ferocity fall off time: 8s Out of Combat --> 10s OOC
    • Bonetooth Take Down Time: 1.5s --> 3s
    • Leap Grace window after exiting brush: 0.3s-0.45s --> 0.35s always
    • Leap Range: 725u --> 754u
  • Q - Savagery
    • Always counts as a critical strike now, damage increased .66% per 1% Critical Strike Chance
    • Damage applies to towers
    • Is no longer consumed on Plants
  • E - Bola Strike
    • Cast time during Leap removed
    • Grants true sight of enemy hit and normal vision 150u around them for 2 seconds
  • R - Thrill of the Hunt
    • True sight of the nearest enemy --> true sight of the nearest enemy and normal vision 100u around them

When Will League of Legends Patch 12.6 Be Released? 

The release date for League of Legends Patch 12.6 is going to be March 30, 2022. This means that you'll be able to check out the upcoming Anima Squad skins then, as well as the revamped version of the prestige shop

Will you be getting the $150 Senna prestige skin?