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Just because Lucian exists, I guess

Why Senna Is A Better ADC Than Support

LoL Senna Better ADC
Like, how is she a support?! | © Riot Games

Senna has been destroying the rift for a while now. So much so that she gets played a lot more often as ADC nowadays. Should she just be moved to that position altogether?

I don't remember when it started. When Senna became so OP that simply her autoattacks could kill you, but let me tell you, my Janna or Yuumi support could never. So, what's going on here? How come Senna is still a support when she's actually so viable as an ADC?

Senna Should Be An ADC

I feel like because Lucian was the ADC, they naturally put Senna as the support. But Lucian hasn't really been performing well in a very long time, whereas his wife has been destroying everything in her path... sometimes even her own husband. If she gets ahead, you can just FF.

Officially, though, Senna is still "just" a support. Though I've seen her in the ADC role more often than in that of the support over the last couple of weeks. In Patch 12.11, Senna will receive a nerf. A "nerf". Let's look at that "nerf", shall we?

  • Soul Drop Rate from Minion Kills: 2.166% ⇒ 8.33%
  • Q Base Slow: 20% ⇒ 15%
  • Q Slow Duration: 2s ⇒ 1-2s

You're seeing this, right? Her soul drop rate has increased by A LOT. Now, when she's a support, that won't matter much, right? But when she's the ADC farming? Hell yeah.

Play Senna As ADC In Patch 12.11

Starting from Patch 12.11, you will most likely see Senna more in the ADC role than in that of the support. Even if she's your support, let her farm a bit more and don't ping her when she "steals" your minions. In the long run, you will be glad. She will be the reason why you will win this game.

#SennaADC2022. That's all I'm saying.