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Let's take a loot at some easy champions!

League of Legends: The Best Support Champions For Beginners

Champion Guides 25-05-2024 11:00

Support is considered to be one of the easiest roles in League of Legends, but which champions should you pick if you're just starting?

Dawnbringer Soraka
Soraka is one of the easiest champions to master as a support. | © Riot Games

You're at home and you've watched your older siblings mald over League of Legends... now you want to give it a try as well, eh?

Some champions are more difficult to master than others. Some have kits with dashes, invisibility and hidden passive's that mean you have to die 10 times to actually do damage. So, today we're going to be taking a look at some easier champions, so you won't suffer too much in your climb to challenger... or well climb to gold. 

First of all, you have to decide on a position. If you enjoy helping your team and either healing them or engaging on enemies, then the support position is perfect for you. Seriously, just test it out with any of the three champions we suggest below! 


League of Legends: The Easiest Support Champions

3. Soraka - The Starchild

Spirit blossom soraka
Soraka is a very easy and fun champion. | © Riot Games

Soraka is a very easy champion to start off with in the support position. She is squishy, so be careful not to step too far forward when going on the offensive, but your main focus will be to heal and sustain again. Her W stakes some of her own health and transfers it onto the ally she is healing. Her Q damages opponents and takes some of their life for Soraka to heal herself. 

So, the combo in lane will be to W your ally when they need and to use Q to keep gaining health back. Then, once you've got your ultimate, make sure to keep an eye on the mini-map. That's where you'll spot the health bars of everyone on your team. When they're low make sure to use your global ultimate. 

So, you probably get the gist of Soraka by now, right? She's basically a heal bot with a bit of cc in her kit thanks to her E. Your goal as Soraka is merely to sustain, heal and help your team win games like that. 

2. Nautilus - The Titan of the Depths

Shan Hai Nautilus
If you need a tank support, then pick Nautilus. | © Riot Games

Nautilus is one of the easiest support picks for those of you who enjoy playing engage supports. If you land a hook on an enemy, then you are able to pull yourself towards the enemy. Chunk down their health with E. It's a simple combo that will give your ADC time to dish out damage to get the first kill. 

Nautilus is also a very safe pick. For one he has a built-in shield with his W, and his hook is also able to pull him towards structures and terrain. So if you ever step too far forward you can use this to try and escape if the fight looks like a lost one. 

Seriously, Nautilus is a fun and unique pick and quite easy to get the hang of as a beginner. His kit is simple, straightforward and doesn't require a PhD to understand. His ultimate is also great for picking off single targets. So, if you want to be the one to get a play started and look like a hero, just use your ultimate. 

1. Yuumi - The Magical Cat

Yuumi Patch 11 20 Bewitching skin
You only need one hand to play Yuumi. | © Riot Games

Yuumi is a champion everyone has heard of before, right? She is probably the most hated being in all of League of Legends and players are constantly demanding for her removal. But for any beginner, she is a great champion to test out. Sure, you don't learn high mechanical skills, but you can get a feel and understanding of the bot lane and your position as a support by testing her out. 

Yuumi restores mana and gains a shield by attacking enemies. By jumping on top of her ADC they also get that shield. She can also heal the ally she is sitting on top of and she cannot be targeted, which can be extremely frustrating for the enemy. 

Her ultimate has to be timed well so it will work in tandem, so it's best to play her when you have a friend play ADC so you can communicate when to start the engage, but it isn't a must. Yuumi is a fun and cute champion that is able to keep her team alive better than almost any other champion in the game. 

So, hopefully, you'll enjoy your games in League of Legends and continue to play the game. Maybe we'll meet in Iron someday

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