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League of Legends: The Best Junglers for Beginners

Champion Guides 11-04-2024 17:00

Some League of Legends champions are pretty hard to master, but there are others which will let you try a new position with ease. Here are the easiest Jungle Champions for beginners. 

Porcelain Amumu
This jungler is easy and fun! | © Riot Games

We have discussed the easiest support champions, as well as the best top laners for beginners, but today we're moving into the dark and scary jungle to see which champions you should give a try if you're ever autofilled... which will happen at some point. 

So, which of these champions should you know how to play when you end up in the jungle? One thing to say right off the bat is not to forget Smite. It's happened before that I ended up in the jungle and forgot to pick up Smite. RIP. So keep an eye on the summoner! 


Easiest League of Legends Junglers Ranked

3. Amumu - The Sad Mummy 

Our first pick in this list is none other than Amumu. He's one of the easiest champions to master, and ever since his Q got a second bandage toss he's been even better in the jungle position – as well as the support position. 

Amumu is a tank champion, so you'll want to build some beefy items to help the little mummy survive any fights. In the early stages of the game you'll be farming up to get your items before you start to gank. Don't be too hasty with those! 

Thanks to the second bandage toss Amumu also has solid gank potential even if he misses the first Q. It makes him a much safer pick and his ultimate has insane crowd control in it, which is great for teamfights. 

2. Master Yi - The Wuju Bladesman

Master Yi is another easy champion in the jungle, and anyone who is in Gold and below dreads this champion in their solo queue games. Not only are Master Yi players toxic AF, the champion itself is any low elo player's biggest nightmare, since they don't know how to counter him. 

Assassin Master Yi skin
This pick will make you the most hated player on Summoner's Rift. | © Riot Games

Attack Speed is your best friend when playing Master Yi. You'll want to build as much of it as possible, so pick up a Kraken Slayer, Guinsoo's Rageblade and Wits End. This way, you'll shred through opponents faster than they can blink. 

Just make sure to farm in the early stages. Don't worry too much about ganking, finish your jungle camps first and then head to lanes to gank. This way you can gain advantages and in the late game you'll be able to score Pentakill after Pentakill. 


1. Warwick - The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

The easiest jungler we could think of is none other than the big bad wolfman himself – Warwick. Whether he is Vander from Arcane continues to be a mystery, but thankfully we're getting a season 2 and hopefully our questions will be confirmed. But enough Arcane, time to check out just what makes Warwick so simple to master. 

Hyena Warwick skin
Warwick is so easy! | © Riot Games

Warwick has innate healing – and a lot of it as well. This makes him quite easy to play as a jungler. Monsters got you low? No worries, Warwick heals right back up. Enemy jungler invaded your camp? Don't worry pounce on them with his leap! 

Warwick's W - Blood Hunt also enables him to quickly move from lane to lane and gank, gaining movement speed as he moves towards low health opponents. Seriously, if you're auto filled then this is a jungler you can definitely pick and still win games with. 

Quite a lot of things changed with Season 14 but these Junglers will always stay on the bottom of the learning curve! They are super adaptable and have no problem in the new jungle meta. You might want to try your hands on some other champions though if you want to climb to the higher elos!

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