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League of Legends: Hardest Jungle Champions To Master

Champions 10-05-2024 11:00

Some League of Legends champions are easier and some are more difficult to master. So, which ones are the hardest in the jungle role?

Storm Dragon Lee Sin
Lee Sin has so many combos he'll make your head spin. | © Riot Games

We have taken a look at the best jungle champions in the current meta, and also analyzed which jungle champions a beginner should pick after binge watching Arcane, but now that you know your stuff it's time to check out the difficult champions that will make you look like a mechanical god. 

So, which jungle champions might be extremely fun, but hard to master? We're going to go over the most difficult jungle champions in League of Legends right now. 


League of Legends: The Most Difficult Jungle Champions

4. Ivern 

Yes, Ivern. He isn't difficult per se, but his play style is so unlike anything from any other jungler that we had to include him on our list. Ivern is a controller, a type of champion we usually see in the support role, but he actually works as a jungler and his kit is pretty balanced. Why is he so difficult though? 

Dunkmaster ivern
Ivern has such a low play rate... rip. | © Riot Games

As already mentioned, Ivern is a controller. He isn't there to gank and go crazy in a bloodbath. Instead, he will help shield his allies, slow and stun enemies and clear the jungle in peace. He's a pacifist on the rift and no other jungler plays like him, which makes him quite difficult to play for anyone who is used to Talon or Hecarim jungle. 

Playing around his passive is important, and managing to free the camps so Ivern actually gains experience. It's a weird and unique way to jungle that works super well, but is hard to understand and master. So yes, Ivern might not be the most difficult mechanically, but just knowing how to jungle normally doesn't work with this champion because of his unique kit and design. 

3. Qiyana

Qiyana is one of the most overloaded champions in the game, but that isn't what makes her such a difficult champion in the jungle. No, it's the elements she wields that make her such a nightmare to pick up, since each element changes her spells.

Shockblade Qiyana
Qiyana is so annoying to play in the jungle, but so fun as well. | © Riot Games

If you're looking for a mobile jungler then Qiyana is a great pick. She's got insane mobility, is quick on her feet and deals huge amounts of damage, which means you'll always come out as a hero in any fight, but first you have to master the aforementioned element mechanic in her kit. 

Knowing which element to use is key to any team fight or skirmish. Once you do know how to utilize her elements correctly though you'll be the main character of any and every fight. Oh, and her ultimate can be one of the most impactful in the entire game. You'll just have to practice getting to this point. Good luck. 


2. Nidalee

Nidalee is one of the few champions in League of Legends that can transform. This makes her extremely unique and different from everyone else. Knowing when to use which Nidalee form is something you'll have to practice and learn so you can master this champion in the jungle. 

Cosmic Nidalee
She is so fun, but so hard. | © Riot Games

A late game Nidalee spear can seriously halve an opponents' health bar, making her a damage threat at all times whenever the enemies don't have vision. She's also very mobile, so she can escape situations with ease when she oversteps, which is a good thing to have as well. 

But her Q is also what makes her quite difficult. She heavily relies on hitting her Q so she can pounce on opponents once they're marked. The hitbox of her Q is also pretty small, so you'll have to be able to know where the opponent is going — though the range is insane on that thing! Once you manage to land your spears and you can go all-in, then Nidalee becomes one of the most fun junglers in all of League of Legends. 

1. Lee Sin 

Do you want to look like a mechanical god? Do you enjoy making sick plays happen under tower? Then master Lee Sin. He's probably one of the most popular champions in the game, because knowing how his kit works can make you look like an absolute chad on the rift. 

Lee Sin is a mobile and fast jungler with a great clear speed, but it's his ganks that set him apart from the rest. Make sure to always carry a ward with you to hop to, just in case you overstep. What makes him so difficult to master, though? The amount of combos you'll need to know with him. Just his Q and R alone can make so much happen and if you're unsure how they work or how to combine them, then this pick will be useless. 

Pool party lee sin ASU splash
You'll be cruising once you master this champ as well. | © Riot Games

If you throw in his E and W as well into the mix, then you've basically got a champion on the same calibre as Riven when it comes to combination plays. You'll also look as insanely skilled as any Riven player which is a nice bonus as well. So, if you want a fun jungle champion to master, learn some Lee Sin and dazzle the competition. 

Would you rather play champions in other positions? Then check out some difficult to master Mid Laners or even some beginner Bot Lane champions. There is something out there for everyone in the world of League of Legends! 

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