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A Message From The Top Lane: Grubs Are Not Worth It

News 15-02-2024 14:15

Grubs are broken! Please don't lose the game over them.

Lol Team
Grubs are a team effort! | © Riot Games

Grubs are the new top lane objective introduced in season 14! They can spawn up to 2 times with 3 grubs each. Each Grub slain by a team gives them a buff that stacks up to 6 times. If your team has a single grub or more, you deal bonus damage to towers. If you have 5 or more, you even spawn void mites that assist you with getting towers. 

Void Grubs are really strong and can definitely make or break a game, so why wouldn't a top laner want them? Well… multiple reasons!

Why Sometimes You Gotta Let The Grubs Be Grubs

What even are these things!? | © Riot Games

There are a few reasons why Grubs are great, but as a relatively tanky objective, it must be the right time to take it. Often, laners sacrifice quite a bit to make their way to the baron pit and help their jungler. So if you are a jungler, and you like to grab grubs early, here is what you should remember.

1. Look At The Lanes

Sometimes laners can have a pretty rough matchup and be pushed under tower, which means that they can't come to assist you with the grubs. Enemies have the so-called priority and can actively move without losing too many minions or gold. It is also important to see if the enemy support might be moving to grubs, as they can quickly make the fights a 3v2 or even 4v3. 

These skirmishes can quickly turn into lost team fights, and with the winners getting grubs, instantly lose games.

2. It's Okay To Only Take One

Knockout Lee Sin
Just take one Grub and you're good. | © Riot Games

Junglers have access to Smite, which is a summoner spell that deals massive damage to a chosen jungle minion. If you are currently in the top side and have some time, you can take a single grub. This is actually better than you think. Because of your jungle pet, you will be getting the max XP from a single grub, and you will already get the buff rolling for your team. With smite it should be relatively quick to take a single grub and if you actually do that in both squads you also prevent the enemy jungler from getting 5 of them and deny them the voidmites.

3. It's Okay Not To Get Any

Grubs are very strong, but definitely not needed to win the game. If you have a split pusher on your team he would very much benefit from reaching a few stacks let alone 6 but if you are playing a team fight comp they might not be that influential. Sometimes it is also better to just play around drakes and take them for free when the enemy jungler is doing grubs himself. 

League is a complicated game with hundreds if not thousands of different moments and scenarios that can win the game. Play around your strengths and weaknesses and those of your team, and you can pull off the win even if the enemies have all the grubs!

Dont ignore the grubs but dont lose the game for them either. Just do what is the best for your team and your win chances will increase dramatically. Good luck on the Rift!

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