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Nemesis Will Never Be On A Pro Team Again, But Why?

News 12-03-2024 18:15

Nemesis is an ex-pro player now turned streamer. He is incredibly talented at League of Legends, but the odds of seeing him in pro play again are incredibly low.

Nemesis Champions Queue
Nemesis spent over a year in Korean Solo Queue honing his skills. | © Riot Games

Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek is an ex-pro player and currently a streamer for the Korean team Gen.G. He started his pro play career with MAD Lions in October 2017 and was also on Fnatic from November 2018 until November 2020. After being let go he became a streamer for Gen.G. 

He had success at the LEC Regional Finals in 2019. But besides this event, he was mostly coming second (losing to G2 a lot). At Worlds, he unfortunately never made it past 5th place, because Fnatic always got kicked out by a Chinese contender. 

 Nemesis is one of the best players that EU has ever produced, but he is not currently on a team and hasn't been for over three years now. Here's why. 

Why Does Nobody Want To Pick Up Nemesis?

Nemesis is the 2nd best Mid Laner in EU still. | © Riot Games

There are multiple videos out there of Nemesis, his ex-teammates and other personalities that explain why he hasn't been on any team recently. Ultimately, only he himself knows, but we can make a few assumptions.

1. He Is Hard To Work With

Nemesis has a very difficult image. He seems to be very emotionless and has a pragmatic approach to the game. Nemesis is very blunt with his statements and doesn't hide his opinion. 

2. He Knows How Good He Is

It is rumored that he has had multiple offers so far, but they were not to his liking. Nemesis is a competitive person that puts winning over everything so it makes sense that he would only entertain rosters that meet his standard. 

Apparently he was supposed to join Team Heretics with Bwipo but since Bwipo would rather stay in North America the deal fell through. 

3. Blacklist

Nemesis is rumored to be blacklisted from other LEC teams. Back in the days it was normal for top players to be stopped from joining other teams. Ex-G2 Owner Carlos was known to hold back his players so they couldn't join opposing teams. 

LEC week 5 day 2 fnatic happy
FNC wouldnt be where they are today without Nemesis. | © Riot Games

Since Nemesis is a very honest and blunt person, so it could also be that some players just don't like playing with him. Bwipo has said that it can be quite rough to communicate with Nemesis which could potentially make other players angry.

Nemesis is an absolute top tier player and probably still the second-best mid laner we have in Europe, but he doesn't seem easy to work with. Playing with him probably requires a safe space where criticism can be voiced without offending others, and that kind of work culture is hard to come by.

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