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PUBG Mobile x Arcane x Doubleift x Sneaky

Arcane-themed PUBG Event Between Team Doublelift and Team Sneaky

Pubg x Arcane Sneaky Doublelift Event
So collaboration, much showdown! | © Tencent

PUBG Mobile x Arcane is one of the probably least expected Arcane crossovers – that is if you take Among Us x Arcane out of the equation. Now there will be a big showdown happening on December 17, 2021. Not only will there be one hell of an event, but also Sneaky and Doublelift will face against each other. So what's happening exactly? We got all the details.

TSM legend, Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng and long-time C9-pro Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi are teaming up together with PUBG Mobile to face off against each other in a so called Mirror World duel. PUBG, you ask? Haven't we already had the Arcane x Fortnite Crossover? And isn't the first season of Arcane dead and gone? All true. But the Mirror World is happening nevertheless.

Arcane x PUBG Mobile Crossover Event

The first hints have been given in early November when a crossover trailer aired on Youtube. Since November 15, 2021, you've been able to play as one of the Arcane characters in the PUBG Mobile universe. A new game mode called the Mirror World emerged. When players jump out of the plane in this mode there will be a floating mirror in the air transforming everybody into one of the Arcane characters. Each character has its own set of powers to be able to win in this game mode. 

For this particular crossover, there will be a show-match happening on PUBG Mobile's Youtube and Facebook channels tonight at 7 pm CT (around 2 am CET on Saturday). So don't miss out on the stream and you are in for a treat. Each of them will lead a team to battle for victory. Both Doublelift and Sneaky are retired from League of Legends but will return to the stage for this one. Both of them will be accompanied by other quite famous North American streamers. Here are the teams.

Team Sneaky:
  • Yassuo (League content creator)
  • Karnage (PUBG Mobile pro)
  • Jacob Gaming (PUBG Mobile content creator)
  • Sneaky (Former League of Legends pro)

Team Doublelift:

  • Tyler1 (League content creator)
  • Xifan (PUBG Mobile pro for Nova Esports)
  • Rolexxx (PUBG Mobile content creator)
  • Doublelift (Former League of Legends pro)

Teams will be able to choose between Jinx, Jayce, Caitlyn and Vi once they are about to land in the Mirror World. Of course, there will be 72 other players with them, all of them being PUBG content creators in some way. So if you think about staying up late tonight – if you live in Europe, why not watch the Youtube stream?