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Bjergsen joins Team Liquid

News 25-11-2021 13:00
Bjergsen Worlds 2020
Bjergsen returns for one last dance... | © Riot Games

The return of Bjergsen has been arguably the most exciting change in the LCS 2021 off-season. Fans were going crazy speculating on where this legendary player would end up at, until it was leaked that he would play for Team Liquid in 2022... by Team Liquid?

[Update November 25, 2021]

Team Liquid have since revealed the leaked video on their official YouTube video welcoming Bjergsen onto the team. So TL really does stand for Team LEC in 2022, eh? 

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Team Liquid Leaked Bjergsens Arrival?

You read the headline correctly, someone at TL made an error resulting in the official announcement video being uploaded early on Tuesday, November 23rd. It was quickly taken down, but a quick-thinking fan was able to grab it and re-upload the video in it's entirety to the Team Liquid fan subreddit.

Rumors regarding his arrival to Team Liquid shocked the LCS community as a whole long before this transfer was unofficially made official. Unfortunately, this leak inadvertently stole Hans Sama's thunder, who was announced as the teams starting ADC earlier that same day.

What is Team Liquids 2022 LCS Roster?

The official confirmation of both Bjergsen and Hans Sama gives us our full 5 man roster for Team Liquid heading into the 2022 LCS Season.

  • Top - Bwipo
  • Jungle - Santorin
  • Mid - Bjergsen
  • ADC - Hans Sama
  • Support - Corejj

This roster looks downright terrifying. What LCS roster even has a chance at stopping these guys? We're not sure, but 2022 certainly looks bright for Team Liquid. We'll be here to say we told you so when they collect at least a couple LCS trophy's next season.

We've already updated the 2021 LCS Off-Season Tracker Article to reflect these huge announcements. Check it out to stay up to date on all the rosters for the 2022 LCS Season!

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