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Rest in Peace

Brazilian League of Legends VA Isaura Gomes Passed Away

News 12-04-2022 16:35
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These lines are iconic for any Brazilian League players. | © Riot Games

League of Legends wouldn't be what it is today without all the hard work of it's voice actors and actresses. They bring the champions and characters we love to life and one job even brings the whole game together and that is the announcer. 

Playing the game and hearing the iconic 'Tripple Kill', 'Quadra Kill', 'Pentakill' as you shred through players is a part of League of Legends, but today we have to say goodbye to a legend that helped make the game what it is today. 

Isaura Gomes Passed Away At Age 83

It hasn't been easy for Brazilian League of Legends fans in recent years. Multiple  older voice actors have passed away in the last few years. Now, we have to say goodbye to Isaura Gomes who lent her voice to the game as the narrator. 

Logging into League after hearing this news is going to hit different knowing that the woman whose voice brought the game we love to life has passed away. 

According to a post on Reddit she was hospitalized and in intensive care for the last month. After complications, she passed away on April 9, 2022. Riot also released a statement on their official Brazilian Instagram account. 

Last saturday, we lost our dear announcer Isaura Gomes: voice that accompanies us in every match of League of Legends. Isaura has our eternal admiration for her history in brazilian voice acting. Riot Games Brazil wishes condolences to the actress' family and friends.

Isaura Gomes was a well-known voice actress in Brazil, playing roles such as Jane Jetson in the Jetsons, as well as Alvida in One Piece and Betty Rumble in the Flinstones. 

With such iconic roles under her belt, she is a true icon and will be missed. So let's all jump onto Summoner's Rift and give her all the respect she deserves for making the game what it is today. 

Rest in Peace, Isaura Gomes.