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I wouldn’t be mad if this is the song

Did Lil Nas X Leak the Worlds Anthem?

League of Legends and Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X might have leaked the Worlds Anthem even before the announcement| © Riot Games

Riot Games just announced that Lil Nas X would be singing the League of Legends Worlds 2022 Anthem. But did the artist leak the song already? 

In Lil Nas X announcement with Riot Games, he declares himself the new president of League of Legends. Throughout the video, the "Lil Nas X-ecutive" talks about creating a whole new work environment for Riot and his genius skin ideas, like Nudyr. At the end of the video, Riot Games finally announces that the Worlds Anthem is called "Star Walkin" and will be released on September 23, 2022. We also received a small teaser of the upcoming anthem and some fans were quick to find a resemblance to a song Lil Nas X has already performed.

On September 7, 2022, at Fox Theater in Detroit, Lil Nas X just finished his second day of performing in Michigan for his Long Live Montero 2022 Tour. For the encore, he decided he wanted to introduce his new song to the audience, and it was called, you guessed it, "Star Walkin". This is what he said when introducing the song: 

This is called Star Walkin. Cause i believe all of y'all out there can be stars. If you wanna be one, I guess.

So what does the song sound like? Here is a clip from the tour:

As we can see, the song is very similar to the one being teased at the end of the announcement video, and we can therefore assume we will get something similar to what we hear here. As far as we know, Lil Nas X and Riot could be working on making some adjustments to the song, and therefore, it might not be the exact same song as we hear from the concert.

Do you think this is the final song we will get for Worlds 2022 or do you think they will make some adjustments? 

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