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Coach Kim is gone

DRX Fire Head Coach | Who is Replacing Him?

Coach Kim Fired
Why was he fired? | © Riot Games

DRX has not had a good start to their 2022 Spring Season. The team is 3-3 currently, but it seems like there is some drama happening. Not only has the team suspended their head coach, but now they’ve even gone a step further.

[Update February 14, 2022] 

Who Will Replace Coach Kim? 

On February 14, 2022 DRX announced who would be replacing Coach Kim. The announcement was made over Twitter where the team revealed that Kim “SSONG” Sang-Soo would be replacing the former head coach. 

Ssong joined DRX back in 2020, but left the org after their 2021 Summer Split. He previously coached teams like the Rox Tigers back in 2016 before making his way to NA where he was the head coach for Immortals, Echo Fox and TSM, to name a few teams. 

Will Coach Ssong be able to create a sense of stability within the DRX roster so they can focus on playing instead of all the drama surrounding the org right now? 

[Update February 11, 2022]

Coach Kim to Pursue Legal Action 

Former DRX coach Kim has posted a statement on Facebook in regards to his termination. He explained that his passion and constant effort has led the team to their victories. 

His agency, Shadow Corporation, also announced that they would be taking legal action against DRX for their termination and want to appeal the decision made by them. 

DRX Terminate Contract with Coach Kim

Last month, DRX removed their head coach Kim “KIM” Jeong-soo from their lineup. The coach went through a rigorous review and it was deemed by the esports organization that he had not fulfilled his duty as a head coach and thus they terminated his contract on February 4, 2022.

The exact reason behind the termination is not yet known. DRX have sent out a statement saying:

DRX has convened the Board and the Disciplinary Committee to review the termination of the contract due to violation of the head coach’s obligations under head coach Kim’s standard contract. In the meeting, DRX made a final decision after thoroughly reviewing Kim’s explanatory materials, following legal procedure.
We ask for your understanding that we cannot share the details because of legal constraints. To protect players and the team we will firmly respond to rumours or disinformation, so please refrain from making senseless blame or accusations.

So, fans are not aware of what transpired between the coach, management and the players to create this situation.

Deft DRX
How will DRX fare in their next games? | © Riot Games

Did the DRX Players Agree to the Firing of Coach Kim?

In a translated version on invenglobal of the press conference following the announcement, it was stated that Deft, who is the captain of the current DRX squad, was asked about the firing, but management is not aware whether the players agree or disagree with the dissolution of his contract.

In the same press conference, it was also explained that coach Kim was not just fired due to a disagreement with the DRX management. Due to multiple legal issues, both from LCK regulations and social law, not much info was released.

Four DRX Players Test Positive for COVID-19

To make matters even worse and more complicated for DRX, their coach got fired and four of their players have tested positive for COVID-19. How will this team be able to bounce back in their next half of the 2022 LCK Spring Split? 

BerryL, Kingen and Pyosik tested positive, which means that most of their starting roster is currently unable to compete. Will this have an impact on the rest of the season? Their next game is scheduled for February 9, 2022 against KT Rolster who are also 3-3. Until then, all players should be recovered from the virus.