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Congrats to Scout!

EDG's Mid Laner Scout Wins Worlds Finals MVP

Worlds Finals MVP EDG Scout
Hard Work really does pay off. | © Riot Games

This year's World Championship gave us something that hasn’t happened in 5-years. That is a 5-game series in the Finals. We’ve had to deal with 3-0’s and a 3-1 over the last few years, but this year EDward Gaming took over the knockout stages and were rewarded with the biggest prize of it all – the Summoner’s Cup.

Not only that, but their mid laner Lee “Scout” Ye-Chan was rewarded with another honor after the game as well. The Finals MVP of this year's World Championship went to the young mid laner who avenged his hero – Faker – on the biggest World Championship stage.

  • Scout has been a huge part of EDG's success at this World Championship!

Scout Honored as Finals MVP

Scout played an insane series this World Championship. His Zoe pick came in clutch at the last minute. The team had fallen behind 2-1, a situation they were pretty comfortable with already, and needed that one pick that DAMWON KIA had no answer for.

Throughout the series, Scout pushed ShowMaker to his limits. When he picked LeBlanc, ShowMaker had to show some respect, picking a safe mid laner in Malzahar. Even though EDG lost that game, Scout still showed great skill on the champion and why he deserves the respect he got from the DAMWON KIA superstar.

Then, in the final two games, Scout was ready with his insane Zoe plays. The zoning with his Sleepy Trouble Bubbles was crucial for map control and for getting picks. His calm and collected play kept EDward Gaming in the series and eventually won them the 2021 World Championship title.

EDG Scout
Scout goes home a champion and an MVP. | © Riot Games

Who is EDG Scout?

Scout started his career in the LCK as the backup mid laner for none other than Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok. In 2015 he was part of the SKT T1 roster and in 2016 made the jump to the LPL, joining EDward Gaming – the team which had beaten SKT in the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational.

Since then he has won 3 LPL titles with the team but never made it further than the quarterfinals when it mattered most – the World Championship. This year, EDG also failed to take the Spring Split first spot, losing in the finals to their long-time rival RNG.

Scout has been with EDG for 5 years, through the bad and good times and has now been rewarded with the 2021 World Championship title and the MVP title.