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Do you have high hopes for this squad?

G2 Announces 2022 Roster

News 04-12-2021 13:30
G2 2022 Roster
G2 Esports Official 2022 Roster | © G2 Esports

G2 Esports have finally announced their full roster for the 2022 Season fresh off of a complete rebuild. Do you think this roster can win the LEC?

This roster will likely have high expectations, given that G2 Esports has historically been a top level team in the LEC. G2 have fully re-geared their LoL team ahead of the 2022 season, including hiring all new coaches.

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G2 Stick with Jankos and Caps for 2022

This has already been announced for some time now, but G2 remain committed to building a team around star players Jankos and Caps. This was revealed by Ocelote, the team owner back at the beginning of the off season.

These two are some of the most popular players in the LEC, they were absolutely hilarious in the announcement video, and they'll be joined by another massive star next season: Broken Blade

G2 Announce Roster for 2022

Fans were sad to say goodbye to Wunder at the end of the 2021 season, but they must be elated right now to hear that the organization has picked up Broken Blade for the top lane. The team will consist of a few upcoming players in the bot lane, but this probably wont matter as they'll likely prioritize Caps or Broken Blade as win conditions.

As it was outlined above, G2's 2022 Roster consists of:

  • Top - Broken Blade
  • Jungle - Jankos
  • Mid - Caps
  • ADC - Flakked
  • Support - Targamas

We can expect great things from this roster with so many accomplished players. Will you be a G2 fan in 2022?

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