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Disappointing end of the season for the superteam

LEC Playoff | G2 Esport Smash Vitality in a 3-0 Series

Broken Blade's Jax was on fire!| © Riot Games

Team Vitality, one of the most hyped teams during the pre-season, ended their spring season with a 0-3 series against G2 Esports. While some of the games were close-fought, G2's mid-game prowess and clutch plays by veterans Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski and Rasmus "caPs" Winther proved the difference maker.

The Fridays series featured two of the teams we were most excited to see this season, the much-hyped Vitality superteam built around veteran mid laner Luka "Perkz" Perković and the rebuilt G2 Esports. After a very uneven season where they barely made playoffs and a five-game series against Excel Esports, this was Vitality's first big test against one of the LEC top teams. G2, meanwhile, were thrown into the lower bracket after a 1-3 loss to Fnatic and had to defeat Vitality to continue their run to the title. On top of those stakes, there was also the caPs vs Perkz rivalry in play - which famous LEC mid laner would get the win this time?

First Blood for G2

Team Vitality took the initiative in the first game and were in front in the opening minutes, even taking an extended ace 17 minutes in as G2's engage backfired. These kills did not translate into map dominance, however, and G2's better map and objective control allowed them to keep close and even inch ahead in gold as the game went on. After a pick on Perkz 28 minutes in, they went for the Baron and outplayed the Vitality flank, getting four kills in addition to the objective. With this lead, they easily closed out the game to take the first win.

A Jax Classic for Broken Blade

After the break, G2 came back revitalized. Sergen "Broken Blade" Çelik put on an early game clinic on Jax as he got an early kill and then became a menace around the map. Just 17 minutes in, Vitality had a broken inhibitor and were massively behind. Despite that, they found some success in teamfights and it looked like they were on their way to a comeback after a 2-1 at the dragon 24 minutes in.  However, they overstayed and the respawned players came back. A big teamfight resulted in G2 getting three kills, the cloud soul and the Baron before ending the game.

The Veterans Hold the Line

In game three, it was Vitality's turn to show they know how to dominate the early game. Several plays in the side lanes resulted in three towers and a 5K gold lead at 15 minutes. However, G2 managed to dig in and once more showed impressive mid-game  macro. A clutch Baron steal by Jankos delayed the game. Despite that, Vitality was chipping at their base and after finally securing a Baron of their own 37 minutes in looked set to end the game. This is when Caps put the team on his back, first stealing the hextech soul and then initiating a 5v4 fight where G2 got four kills while Perkz went for an inhibitor. This broke Vitality's resistance and soon, G2 were at their Nexus once again to complete the 3-0 sweep.

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