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Where will he go?

Icon leaves LNG for 2022

News 29-11-2021 08:00
LNG Icon
Icon at Worlds 2021 | © Riot Games

Xie “Icon” Tian-Yu made headlines yesterday following his departure from LNG Esports. He leaves LNG on a good note, but there are big questions as to where fans can expect Icon to end up ahead of the 2022 LPL Spring Split...

Why is Icon leaving LNG?

This was to be expected after DoinB confirmed his transfer from FPX last week, but many fans are still heartbroken to see this player leave their favorite team. So why is Icon leaving LNG? Consistency, or lack thereof.

DoinB is expected to be a massive upgrade from Icon, who was the target of mass criticism following LNG's performance at Worlds 2021.

Remember - DoinB shockingly bombed out of Groups as well along with FPX, so LNG will be hoping he can regain his form in time to dominate the LPL.

Recap of Icon's 2021 with LNG

Icon's time spent at LNG was brief, but memorable. This super star mid-laner aided LNG in their first ever Worlds qualification, helping them to take down Team WE in the Regional Qualifiers.

After that, LNG began battling their way through Play-Ins - and succeeded with poise. However, the team was unsuccessful in escaping Group D after a shocking 4-way tiebreaker.

Although Icon was directly responsible for a lot of LNG's success in what was their best year on record ever, LNG is moving on. Hopefully they have worked out a deal with another team for 2022. We'd love to see Icon return to the international stage again soon!

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