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the KeSPA Cup is back!

KeSPA Cup 2021 Schedule, Teams & More

T1 Keria
The KeSPA Cup is back and for the first time not all LCK Teams are competing. | © Riot Games

The dates for the 2021 KeSPA Cup have been announced. When is this yearly event taking place, who is participating, and what has the pre-LCK event in store for us this year? 

For anyone who watches the LCK, they await the KeSPA Cup each year. It's a yearly event in which teams can show off their new rosters. It isn't really an event that is going to have any impact on the LCK, but it gives fans a chance to see whether their favorite team has any chemistry. 

This year the KeSPA Cup is going to look a little different though. 

What is the KeSPA Cup? 

The KeSPA Cup is an event that invites LCK teams, LCK challengers teams and academy teams to compete for the cup. It is organized by the Korean esports Association (KeSPA) and is a yearly event. 

The first KeSPA Cup took place in 2005 as a StarCraft tournament but has since also become a yearly League of Legends event. The final KeSPA StarCraft tournament took place in 2016. 

When is the 2021 KeSPA Cup? 

The 2021 KeSPA cup will be taking place in Ulsan and is going to be an offline tournament. The event will have 16-teams compete and for the first time, four teams from outside of Korea will also be competing. 

The tournament will last 3 days from December 10, 2021, to December 12, 2021. 

Which Teams Are Participating at the 2021 KeSPA Cup? 

This year's KeSPA Cup will be the first time every single LCK won't be participating. No Faker, no ShowMaker, and no Chovy will be on stage at this year's KeSPA Cup. 

Instead, the tournament will showcase LCK Challengers teams – all but the T1 Challengers – will be competing, as well as three Academy teams and four Asian teams from outside of Korea.